What Filipinos need to know about visa-free entry to Taiwan


Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Taiwan is now within reach of Filipinos, as visa-free travel is quite simple. Similar to Singapore and Hong Kong, hopeful travelers can just go to airports to check-in with their passport and return tickets.

Started on November 1, 2017, Philippine nationals are eligible to travel to the Republic of China (Taiwan) completely visa-free for 14 days. This visa-free initiative shall undergo a nine-month trial period until July 31 for a further review.

The passport must have remaining validity of at least six months. One should have either return tickets, cruise ship ticket or ongoing tickets to another destination, and an accommodation booking in Taiwan. There is no need to secure a visa or a “Travel Authorization Certificate” or e-visa before traveling to Taiwan.

All Filipinos including the former OFWs in Taiwan and those who have never been abroad are able to travel to Taiwan without a visa for the purposes of tourism, business, transit, visiting relatives, attending functions or events.

A visa-free visitor can stay in Taiwan for 14 days starting from the day after the date of arrival. The duration of stay is not extendable; visitors must depart before the end of the said duration of 14 days.

Those who intend to stay in Taiwan for more than 14 days or for the purpose of study, employment and other activities that require permits or qualifications must obtain appropriate visas before traveling to Taiwan from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines.

A visa-free traveler only needs to prepare the four documents: an ordinary/regular passport with remaining validity of at least six months from the date of entry (Diplomatic and Official passport holders are not eligible for visa-free treatment); a return ticket or a ticket for the traveller’s next destination and a visa for that destination if it is required; a proof of accommodation (hotel) booking or host/sponsor’s contact information, or arrangements of tour, travel, visit, events and meeting etc.; a completed “Arrival Card” which may be obtained from the airlines or cruise ship company and then present the completed arrival card with passport to the immigration officials at an airport or seaport upon their arrival in Taiwan.

Visa-free travelers must satisfy the four basic requirements, but some travelers may be denied entry to Taiwan if they have a criminal record or have overstayed in Taiwan or cannot demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves while in Taiwan. For more information about Taiwan immigration entry/exit regulations, visit the website of National Immigration Agency of Taiwan at www.immigration.gov.tw.


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