• Filipinos not ready for my style – Duterte


    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday reiterated his announcement that he will not be running for President in next year’s elections because Filipinos are not ready for his style of leadership.

    “The people of the Philippines are not ready for my kind of style,” he said in a roundtable interview with executives and journalists of TV-5.

    Duterte on Monday said he was standing firm on his announcement despite an impending “Occupy Luneta” campaign being organized by his supporters to purportedly convince him to reconsider.

    “Yung mga nagpaplano ng ganon umuwi na lang kayo. Puntahan nyo na lang ang mga girlfriend at asawa ninyo, maligaya pa kayo. Walang mangyayari ‘diyan [To those who are planning to go there, you just go visit your girlfriends or go home to your wife and you’ll end up happy. Nothing will happen there],” he said.

    A movement to clamor for a Duterte presidency gained ground middle of last year after the tough-talking mayor went on a nationwide speaking tour purportedly to promote the shift to a federal form of government.

    Duterte’s tough style and no-nonsense approach to criminality and illegal drugs drew supporters as well as critics to his cause.

    Human rights advocates criticized Duterte for allegedly coddling vigilantes and for having a hand in unsolved killings in Davao City.

    Duterte said he sees the problems of Philippine society and knows the solution but said the people are not yet ready for his style.

    “If I would rate my service to Davao City from 1 to 10, I’d give myself 6 and a half and I’m okay with that. The Filipino people are not ready for my kind of style,” he added
    Despite insisting that his decision was final, Duterte still dropped hints that things might change.

    “Masama ang magsalita nang tapos sa mundong ito [It’s not good to speak with finality in this world],” he said.

    “It’s only really God who can tell us whether, for example, ‘You ma’am will get married two years from now,’” he said, directing his answer to a female member of the interview panel.

    “I became mayor of Davao by accident. I was a prosecutor. It was my mother who was going to run,” Duterte added.

    When asked if he now considers running for Vice President, he said, “Ayoko ng may mas mataas sa akin [I don’t want to have anyone above me].”

    The mayor however, confirmed that he and Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel 3rd had a recent lengthy conversation over his political future.

    Pimentel on Thursday said the Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) will still try to convince Duterte to run for President.

    He added that he still believes there is still hope for the mayor to change his mind and the party is not giving up.

    “I feel the clamor of a big segment of society for him to run for President, so I will just beg him to listen to the clamor,” said Pimentel, who was with Duterte until 3 a.m. on Thursday.

    He and members of the party, he added, will not give up on trying to convince the Davao City chief executive until October 16 or even beyond that.

    The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has set October 16 as the last day of filing of certificates of candidacy.

    The senator noted that Duterte can still be included in the presidential race even after the October deadline through the substitution rule of the Comelec.

    Under the substitution rule, the Comelec allows substitution of candidates in case of death, disqualification or withdrawal.

    “If after the last day for the filing of certificates of candidacy, an official candidate of a duly registered political party or coalition of political parties dies, withdraws or is disqualified for any cause, he may be substituted by a candidate belonging to, and nominated by, the same political party. No substitute shall be allowed for any independent candidate,” the law states.

    Pimentel said PDP-Laban can still register Duterte in case he agrees to run for President after the October deadline.

    “There is an initial deadline but that is not the absolute deadline to decide. It is a risk on the party of the political party and we are willing to take that risk,” he added.


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    1. he is right because matigas ang ulo natin mga Pilipino, at marami sa atin ay magnanakaw. only a iron fisted leader can organized this country like Marcos did. and for Duterte to do that style of leadership will mean more enemies for him and lots of headaches. he might get a stroke before he finish his term if he becomes president. lol

    2. Mayor Rody please reconsider your decision. Given the state of our country, we need a leader like you more than ever. Please give us an alternative choice since voting for those who have announced/declared their intentions to run for president means continuing a system that has corrupted this country for a very long, long time.

    3. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      10 September 2015

      The Filipino people will be missing an excellent opportunity to benefit from the kind of drastic changes which they need for the Philippines to be put on a new path of governance if successful Davao City Mayor RODY DUTERTE really is serious about not running for the office of President.

      For over sixty years now, the Philippines has been caught in the vise-like grip of a Plutocratic-Politico-Clerico Conspiracy whose overarching Agenda is to perpetuate itself in wealth and power, the better to manipulate and exploit the people.

      The likely presidential candidates for next year, let’s face it, are “trapos” or traditional politicos, and even members of long-entrenched political dynasties, who, if elected, will very likely simply push that old rickety cart of “rotten tomatoes,” meaning policies and programs that have sadly failed to put the country on a real, solid and inclusive path to enduring prosperity and progress.

      In short, for these “trapos” it will be just be more and more of the same–and, as a consequence, there is no way the country could ever surmount its pejorative worldwide reputation as “The sick man of Asia.”

      It is only RODY DUTERTE who may have the unswerving courage and the steely determination to introduce the fundamental structural changes which could break that vise-like grip of the Plutocratic-Politico-Clerico Conspiracy. Rody Duterte stands out as the one with some of the exceptional qualities of LEE KWAN YEW.


      • If he gets elected we can all pull guns and threaten to shoot people for violating city ordinances, apparently that’s what this country needs.

    4. Please field one candidate for President and Vice President against Binay. Do not split the votes between Roxas, Poe and Duterte. Binay likes it because he has all the opposing votes for him alone and administration votes will be divided by three.

      Just field a solid candidate-Only One President and Vice President against Binay.

      Roxas -President and Poe-Vice Predisent

    5. No one is ready for someone who is above the law, we already have Aquino and his liberal party driving the country to ruin in a hand basket.

      Anyone who thinks pulling a gun on someone and threatening to kill them over violating a smoking ordinance is mentally disturbed and apparently above the law.

      Why hasn’t Duterte been arrested for threatening murder and using a firearm in the commission of a crime ?

      The Philippines is rapidly descending into chaos led by the politicians.

      • Sir yung nanigarilyo ay pinagsabihan naman na bawal, pero sumagot pa sya ng pabalang at nang gago pa mayabang pati. ang problema kasi sa ating mga pilipino bukod sa kulang tayo sa disiplina e napaka abusado pa natin. so how you will counter that kind of traits? if your answer is not good as mine then you’re not really ready for a Duterte style of discipline and leadership. Duterte’s style of law implementation is not above the law, he just implemented it with harshness dahil yun ang nababagay sa pag uugaling pilipino.

      • is the gun loaded? if the gun is loaded then i agree with you. but pointing unloaded gun cant be consider a criminal act. considering that Duterte is an expert on criminal law… he would not dare to point a loaded gun without legal justification or exempting circumstances.

      • Duterte’s style of law implementation is not above the law, he just implemented it with harshness

        So everyone can pull guns on people and threaten to shoot them in the groin if they violate a law like the smoking ordinance or even jaywalking (walking across the street and not in a cross walk) or someone throwing trash on the ground.
        So i can see someone throw some trash and pull out a gun and threaten to shoot him in the groin if he doesn’t eat it.
        I had no idea we could do that without getting in trouble.