Filipinos see no drop in poverty, corruption


The number of Filipinos who believe that corruption and poverty did not decline in the last three years has grown the latest IBON nationwide survey found.
The IBON website said they asked the survey respondents if they thought there was less corruption and three out of five or 64.9 percent replied in the negative.

The percentage of disillusioned respondents was higher than IBON’s first quarter survey result of 58.9 percent.

Only 23.9 percent of the respondents said there was less corruption.

IBON also asked the respondents if there was less poverty in the last three years.
Only 14.8 percent said yes, while eight out of 10 or 77.4 percent said no.

When asked how they see their situation today, 67.0 percent of respondents, or seven out of 10, said they see their family as poor.

The website said the April 2014 nationwide survey was conducted from April 24 to 30 among 1,500 respondents 18 years old and above.

It used a multi-stage probability sampling scheme and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent.

The April 2014 round was a non-commissioned survey conducted across various sectors in 16 regions, IBON said.



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