Janet Lim-Napoles is taking Filipinos for a ride not with just one but, as it is turning out, several lists that she had prepared and supposedly containing names of public officials made fat by kickbacks from the pork barrel fund, some senators said on Tuesday.

Sen. Francis Escudero is convinced that the primary motive of Napoles, also supposedly a businesswoman who is trading what with whom nobody really knows about, in coming up with numerous lists is to muddle the issue further.

Escudero noted that in order to give credibility to the lists, the detained businesswoman gave copies to different government officials particularly Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and former senator Panfilo Lacson for them to be the ones to disclose them to the public.

What is more confusing, he said, is why de Lima and Lacson allowed themselves to act as messengers of Napoles, who is accused of masterminding the P10-billion scam.

“It was Napoles who gave them the lists and instructed them not to disclose [them]and they comply. It now appears that they are serving as Napoles’ [spokesmen], messenger[s]and agents,” Escudero told reporters in an interview.

At the same time, he maintained that he never allotted a single peso from his priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel to any of the bogus non-government organizations (NGOs) of Napoles and he never benefited from her.

“I hope that these people [Lacson and de Lima] would not allow themselves to be used by Napoles to muddle and divert the issue from her because in the end it is Napoles that is the source of all [this uproar],” Escudero said.

He finds it amazing that his name was included in the list considering that he was the one who filed a resolution directing the Senate blue ribbon committee to investigate the scam and also the one who asked for Napoles to be invited to hearings.

Escudero said to put an end to all speculation, he will ask the committee to once again invite Napoles and Benhur Luy to the hearings in order for the committee to compare their testimonies.

Sen. Miriam Santiago, who was also mentioned by Lacson, also maintained that she never had dealings with the businesswoman, noting that anyone can make a list.

“The Napoles list, if unsigned, has no evidentiary value at all. I repeat, Lacson is an attack dog of [Sen. Juan Ponce] Enrile. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that to allege is not proof. Where is the evidence, as defined in the Rules of Court?”
Santiago said in a statement sent to reporters.

She reiterated her call for the blue ribbon committee to get the list of Luy that she believes is substantiated by documents and details.

“There is an affidavit, although unsigned, circulating in Metro Manila that Pinky Lacson has asked for leave of absence from Malacañang. The highly confidential reason is that he is scheduled for a gender-change operation in a remote clinic in the United States,” Santiago, a constitutional law expert, said in her statement, referring to Lacson by the pejorative Pinky.

Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, like Escudero, also denied having dealings with Napoles and said he is ready to answer the issue head-on so that the people could see the difference between actions of those who are guilty and innocent.

He considers the Napoles lists as the businesswoman’s weapons of “mass distraction” to sow confusion among the public and to divert people’s attention from her.

Cayetano called on the government particularly de Lima to release all documents including request letters and special allotment request orders of lawmakers involved in the scam.

Sen. Loren Legarda said she is not bothered by the lists because she knows that she never endorsed any NGOs of Napoles and that she did not even know the businesswoman.

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that he would rather wait to see the lists before giving his comment but he admitted to be confused by the lists.

Other senators have opted not to comment on the issue.


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  1. Hindi ko alam kung bakit kayang-kayang paikotin ng media ang istoria tungkol sa list na ito, ang totoo,ang mga senatong,congressman,at katulad ni napoles alam nila kung gaano kalaking pera ang hawak ng goyerno ni noynoy,at ang cabinetry niya,alam nila kung ikukumpara sa ninanakaw ng tauhan at ni noynoy, barya lang ang napupunta sa kanila,napakataggal ng panahon ginagawa ito, ang sulution ay ipasa ang foi,dahil walang ahesiya angpueding magbantay sa mga mmagnanakaw na ito,dahil sila ang batas, ang pangulo,kahit paikot-ikotin pa sa wala rin ang punta nito,

  2. Romel Baligala on

    Sna naman hindi magpagamit si Lacson at de Lima kay Napoles at ilabas ang totoong listahan. Documented and signed!

  3. Every testimonies have back-up evidence. That is the rule that must be followed.

  4. Shaina Astilla on

    Let’s wait and see for the signed and reliable list and put the perpetrators in jail.

  5. Valerie Espino on

    What is important is we remain rational and circumspect while we search for the truth.

  6. Joan Miranda on

    Janet Napoles should not just throw dirt on others. Kawawa naman ang mga walang kinalaman sa issue. Or even Former Sen. Lacson, Wag magpagamit kay Napoles.

  7. This is clearly a grand conspiracy between janet napoles and several elected and appointed high government officials to mislead the people the true facts as to who among them, benefited from PDAF scam.

  8. Ruffy, you say these politicians have a meagre salary, well it isnt as meagre as you might think. Their salary is P90,000 per month, that isnt to meagre but with allowances & whatever name you want to give to other legal monies they can get can bolster it toP1,400,000 per month. Now i dont know anyone would call that meagre & most dont know thats the type of money they get so for those that then feel the need to steal even more from their country they should be treated like those in the french revolution. These people arnt honourable, these people arnt good christians, they are vile scum of the earth that should be despised by the normal people of the philippines. They plan every which way to get money from each of you, weather it be paying for barangay clearance nbi clearance, getting a medical & all that just so you can get a job. I dont understand why the normal filipino doest go balistic at every politician & tell them they want improvements straight away. Start with getting rid of the bank secrecy law, then when they do steal the countries money they have to somehow get it abroad.

    Now these 3 lists yes they may all be slightly different & napolez & others might be playing some sort of game here but im sure each person on the list can be checked out for corresponding evidence, like using one of her bogus ngo’s, then those that are guilty will be found out. Punnish them without mercy. Then deal with napolez, put her in a normal jail with the normal prisoner & let this vile woman deal with threats to her life every day. Give her no special privaleges & make her eat prison food.

  9. pompeyo pedroche on

    In this country, Congressmen and Senators have everything life except credibility and respect of the people.The terms POLITICIAN and SAINT are mutual exclusive, and the terms POLITICIAN and SINNER are mutually inclusive.

  10. The heat is on.
    How these politicians loved so much
    to become Senators and Congressmen with
    a meager salary hold on to the position?
    From Mayor then become Governor become Congressman
    back to Governor, attempt to be senator, then back to congressman
    and so on..PDAF must be one of the reasons…

    • Once, these pdaf scam and other money making schemes be totally stopped, these politicians will be no longer interested in running and working for the govt. Its all about the money. Then i hope we will have a less corrupt govt., and maybe the Phils will have more funds to develop more of the philippines, not just imperial manila.