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A pair of perfectly sculpted eyebrows has become a major beauty staple today. It has, in a way, become the defining factor of an overall look. Aside from functioning as a filter against dust, dirt and sweat that could enter the eyes, eyebrows are key features to make a face stand out from the rest.

Unfortunately, not everyone was born with a set of bold and lush brows. Some compensate with brow tints, brow pencils and powders that may be hard to apply, look unnatural and only last for a certain amount of time. Others opt for growth-stimulating serums and even hair transplants, while some go to great lengths like “eyebrow tattooing” to achieve beautiful brows. While it lasts longer than cosmetics, the process can also look unnatural and is painful as well as expensive.

A selection of Wunder2 products

Angelyn Masangkay, head of Wunder2 Philippines, has observed that Filipinas have been looking for a product that can address their brow issues such as sparse, thin hair, bald spots or brow products that easily smudge off.

“Being a social media marketer myself, I’ve noticed that #EyebrowsOnFleek and #KilayIsLife are always trending, proving that Filipinas are highly conscious of their brows,” Angelyn shared. “I’ve always known then that Filipinas are always on the lookout for the best eyebrow product when I’ve stumbled upon the hypes of Wunder2 reviews in the USA and Europe. Wunderbrow has lived up to its promise of smudge-proof, waterproof eyebrows that last for days. I just knew that this is exactly what Filipinas need, and therefore, I knew I needed to bring and offer Wunder2 here in the Philippines.”

Wunder2, the international cosmetics brand founded in London, resolved women’s universal brow dilemma with WUNDERBROW – a premium eyebrow gel that addresses brow hair loss issues with its advanced innovation for an eyebrow beauty trick that lasts for days.

WunderBrow boasts of its exclusive Permafix Technology and proprietary Hair Fiber Complex that creates the perfect brow in less than two minutes but will last longer than the usual eyebrow products. The product contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specifically treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair which results into natural looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows that last for days.

WunderBrow allows women to easily fill, define and shape their brows with natural looking color that lasts until they decide to take it off because it is smudge-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof. This topnotch eyebrow gel comes in five different shades perfect for every skin tone: auburn, blonde, black/brown, brunette and jet black.

Perfect Arches with Wunder2’s Premiere Eyebrow Line
Aside from being an authority in the eyebrow game, Wunder2 also features other eyebrow products like the WUNDERBROW D-FINE Brow Liner and Gel which is a dual-product solution that defines and shapes eyebrows.

This advanced double-ended product utilizes a special angled liner for defining, filling & extending. It also features a tinted soft hold gel for grooming, setting & creating natural looking brows in under 2 minutes.

This 2018, Wunder2 Philippines has partnered with Zalora and BeautyMNL, leading online beauty and fashion marketplaces to make its high-tech beauty offerings even more accessible to its Filipino loyal clientele.

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