• Finally, a Miss World crown

    Becky Garcia

    Becky Garcia

    Beauty titlists and acknowledged beauties—though untitled—were among those who graced the homecoming victory party of Miss World 2013 Megan Young held at Solaire’s Grand Ballroom right after the press conference.

    We spotted Joyce Ann Burton-Titular, former Miss Young Philippines-International and Bb. Pilipinas-Universe, sharing queenly moments with the country’s fist Miss World ever.

    And there was the Sexy Lani Schoof of Golden Peacock Garden in Bohol in a huddle with the super amiable expatriates Dr. George Sarakinis (a charming Greek), Dr. Wim Van Der Torre (a sweet Dutch), and famous Dutch architect Roberto Meyer with Dutch businessman Gijs Vrind.

    Life coach George Sison attended both the press conference and the victory party with showbiz and lifestyle writer Danny Vibas. George was understandably very eager to meet Miss World 2013 in person for the first time since it was he who did some precious psyching-up on her on the phone at Cory Quirino’s request at the eve of their departure for Bali, Indonesia for the pageant. Cory sweetly acknowledged George’s presence during the press conference.

    The press affair was originally scheduled at 4:30 p.m. and George made it to Solaire a few minutes before 5 p.m. only to find out that the press session has been moved to 7 p.m. A coverage team from GMA 7 headed by Cata Tibayan chanced upon him cooling his heels at the ballroom lobby. And since Danny’s interview with George about how he psyched up Megan for the Miss World 2013 competition in Bali came out in another newspaper, Cata decided to interview George for the network’s newscast.

    George’s early arrival at Solaire yielded him another “reward”: a rare photo op with Megan wearing her blue Miss World 2013 crown! Others may have had their photo taken with Megan during the victory party—but she had taken off the crown to give her head a rest from having worn it for hours.

    That photo op with Megan was authorized by Cory herself right after Megan’s on-cam exclusive separate interviews with GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 at the cozy sitting corridors of the Grand Ballroom about an hour before the press conference began.

    No one was allowed to take photos during Megan’s on-cam interviews. No other person had time to have their photo taken with Megan after the on-cam interviews as she had to freshen up a bit before facing the press cameras.

    Former First Lady Mrs. Imelda Marcos, a Miss Manila in her youth, graced the affair in a pink terno. She sat, of course, with the Miss World 2013.

    Cory was in a body-hugging electric blue dress, blue being the color of Miss World. Being the Miss World franchise holder in the Philippines, she was all over the place at the victory dinner. And so, too, was the amiable Arnold Vegafria, Megan’s manager and schedule master as Miss World 2013.

    Oh, yes, part of the talk that night was how Cory herself could have become the Philippines’ first Miss World had her father, Tommy Quirino (a son of President Elpidio Qurino), allowed her to join the Bb. Pilipinas in her youth. The ever-sparkling Cory simply beamed: “Thank you, you’re all so kind!” Two statuesque and stunning members of Megan’s court as Miss World Philippines 2013 sat with the scribes and joined Megan at the head table during the dinner.

    At the victory dinner, Cory sweetly also introduced the gentleman franchise-holder of Miss World Malaysia who was instrumental in her gaining the global pageant’s franchise for the Philippines.

    Julia Morley, Miss World president, was also present and wore a blue business suit. She turned out to be a very soft-spoken woman who calls Megan “Beauty With a Purpose”—all because she has lined up charity and advocacy activities for her the whole year—”though she’ll have enough time to be with her family here in the Philippines for her own well-being,” the beauteous lady stressed.

    Beauty salon magnate and Miss World Philippines make-up artist Jessie Mendez had a grand time enjoying the sumptuous Filipino food prepared by the hotel’s American chef.

    The streets were flooded outside and traffic was heavily knotted. More beauties and personalities could have turned up at the victory dinner if they did not get stranded on the way to Solaire.


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