Finally back in Sin City

Karen Kunawicz

Karen Kunawicz

When Sin City came out in 2005, I totally warmed up to it. Did a repeat viewing and got the special edition DVD.

There were so many things for me to embrace about the film: it was the movie version of a classic Frank Miller comic; it was put together by one man filmmaking army Robert Rodriguez; and the art department masterfully took from the comic and came up with this stunning inky black, paper white, monochrome with shocks of bold color as a palette for the film’s canvas.

It was noir, it was darkly funny and the dialog sounded like lines from these old school crime and detective films and radio plays of the 30s.

In Sin City, debauchery, crime, filth, sleaziness and quests for vengeance can be found in every corner. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For delivers just that and its usual coven of femme fatales: there’s Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) from the first movie and Old Town’s unofficial general Gail (Rosario Dawson) but they have to make room for the outstanding slithering wickedness that is Ava Lord (Eva Green) whose iconic costume here is pretty much a heavy, shimmery dollop of bright blood red lipstick and nothing else.

Goldie/Wendy (Jamie King) is back for a short bit and there’s a new Miho (The Hangover’s Jamie Chung), I wonder why, as I quite liked Devon Aoki.

Returning to cast is Mickey Rourke who wears Marv like a glove, Bruce Willis as John Hartigan and Powers Boothe as the ruthless Senator Roark. Dennis Haysbert takes over as Manute (from the late Michael Clarke Duncan). Gritty Josh Brolin fills in the shoes left behind by Clive Owen as Dwight.

A most welcome new addition to the cast is Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny.
Sin City creator Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are back in their directors’ chairs for this one and if you were a fan of the first one like I was, you’ll enjoy this one just as much.

The running time, is just right at one hour and 42 minutes.

I was a bit worried about the fate of this sequel, but a place like Sin City should aptly have a fair share of seedy stories and characters—and they got the treatment they deserved in this long overdue sequel.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For opened on Wednesday.


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