Why, finally, our beloved PNoy must go


As we enter the new year, it is good for us to consider how much ground we have covered, if any, in our journey toward our desired goal. Have we moved at all?  Are we moving?  Or have we just been running on a treadmill at an erratic pace? The question is moral, political, constitutional, economic.

Amidst the deluge of self-congratulatory press releases about credit upgrades, GDP growth, the epidemic  of shopping malls, the growing number of Chinese-Filipinos entering the annual Forbes magazine listing of dollar billionaires, and “traffic like hell as a sign of progress,” millions among our people are every second of the day joining the ranks of absolute slaves.

Despite the hundreds of billions of pesos that were supposed to have gone into our beloved president’s dole-out program for our poorest families, and more hundreds of billions of pesos in “presidential pork” that could have lifted a few more boats, poverty and squalor have become infinitely more wretched.

They can no longer be masked by false claims and misleading statistics.
Indeed, the rise of discontent, despondency and despair is demonstrable, but because of the sheer wretchedness of their actual conditions, the poor find themselves too tired and too spent at the end of the day to think of taking any action whatsoever.

How long can it last?  Is there no risk at all that the most desperate would be driven to imitate those characters from other, especially non-Christian, countries who just torched themselves to death in order to light the fire of popular revolt?

And what about the house, which our beloved president’s slogan on “anti-corruption” was supposed to have built?  Is there  anything left of it?  Who, other than the lowest forms of life, share its remains?   What can he say about it now?

Reexamination and self-analysis

For our part, we need to do our own reexamination and self-analysis.

We need to look back and see if the positions we have taken on the most important issues have been validated in any way, or whether we must now apologize to the nation and to our beloved president for any careless or deliberate excesses in judgment.

Specifically, we must ask ourselves if we have not overstepped the limit in demanding that B. S. 3rd step down, and all those involved in the unprecedented manipulation and misuse of the pork barrel system be prosecuted and removed from office, as the only way to end this long dark night of immorality, impunity, and lawlessness.  As one who may have contributed a little more than others to this particular thesis, I now write to reexamine myself.

As a writer and public advocate, I have tried never to make any claims about anything, which are not supported by solid principle or fact. This goes back to my earliest days as a young journalist when I used to produce such big “scoops” for my paper from the diplomatic beat almost on a daily basis, without a single one ever being successfully disputed or challenged. But having convinced myself that I have said or done what was demonstrably correct,  I always provided for the distinct possibility that I could, after all, be totally wrong.

This is the intellectual frame within which I now reexamine myself.  For much of the period that followed our beloved president’s well-documented bribery of Congress in order to force the enactment of the clearly unconstitutional Reproductive Health Law, and the impeachment and removal of Chief Justice Renato Corona, I have argued that our beloved PNoy has committed crimes, which no other president before him ever had.

He has become the chief corruptor of Congress and on that account should be impeached and removed, barred for life from holding any other office. But because the members of Congress are his partners in crime, and they remain inside his pocket, they would never dare, and he would never be impeached.  So he should be removed by other lawful means, unless he willfully removed himself.

I have said this again and again both in this space and in various public forums, notably the multisectoral and interfaith assemblies convened by the National Transformation Council in Lipa, Cebu, Butuan, Angeles, Davao and General Santos, which I had been asked to help facilitate.

The thesis has spread, and a big portion of the nation, and growing, is now talking about it. But Malacanang continues to pretend it has not heard about it.

So I ask now: Was this position—is this position—excessive or extremist?

Not only did the Supreme Court strike down the pork barrel system as unconstitutional. In Greco Belgica vs. Executive Secretary Ochoa, et al, and vs. President Aquino, it also directed the timely prosecution of all those involved in the manipulation and misuse of its two components, the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

Discretionary lumps sums

But not only has the regime ignored the Supreme Court directive until now. It has also, in utter contempt, reinstituted in its P2.6 trillion 2015 budget, which the Congress passed without debate, all the discretionary lump sums outlawed by the Court—about half of the entire P2.6 trillion—and redefined the term “savings” to allow our beloved president to play around with any appropriation anytime at his will.

It also rammed through a P22.3 billion “supplemental budget” for 2014, to fund the illegal DAP projects which had been “defunded” after the Court declared the DAP unconstitutional.  And this money is supposed to be expended by the end of today, the last day of December 2014.

Unless power has become a loose license to commit the most grievous crimes unpunished, I cannot see how one could be faulted for saying that our beloved PNoy has no business staying in office one minute longer.  But there are those who want to have elections in 2016 at any cost, no matter how farcical, and no matter how it reduces us to a nation of sheep; and they  argue that our beloved PNoy, having“won” a six-year-term in 2010, should be allowed to finish, unless removed earlier by impeachment, which option (as shown earlier) is now foreclosed.

This position would have deserved support, had our beloved president not committed such unconscionable crimes and escaped punishment only by corrupting the lawmakers who have the exclusive power to impeach and remove him—and also, if his legitimacy had never been questioned.  But alas, his legitimacy is now morally, constitutionally, and technically assailed.

It has been pointed out that although the Commission on Elections has the exclusive constitutional mandate to conduct elections, in 2010 and in 2013, it was Smartmatic, a Venezuelan private company,  that conducted the automated election.  That rendered the election illegal and illegitimate.

Then Smartmatic used the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machine, after the Comelec illegally removed all of its safety features and accuracy mechanisms, contrary to law.  This rendered the results at best questionable.

PNoy had claimed that he would win by five million votes over his closest rival,  but that he would be “cheated,” so he would have to use “people power” to install himself in office. Terrified, the outgoing Arroyo administration caved in to the threat, and cooperated in delivering the pre-arranged “mandate.”  The result was the infamous “hocus PCOS.”

That said, no further demonstration is needed to show why our beloved PNoy should now quit. He occupies the presidency under the most highly questionable circumstances.  Assuming for the sake of argument that the office was unquestionably his, he has violated its basic terms of reference, and has therefore completely forfeited it.

Transnational crime

But as if this were not enough, he has allowed transnational crime, particularly the manufacture and traffic of illegal drugs, to turn the Philippines into a rogue state. The country is now regarded as a major manufacturing center and transshipment point of the global illegal drugs traffic.

Convicted big-time drug lords, serving time inside the old Bilibid Prisons,  operate their crime ring right in the heart of Bilibid, not just under the nose, but rather with the full protection and support, of corrupt state authorities. And our beloved PNoy has shown neither the will nor the capacity to do anything about  it.  He has not even shown any awareness that this is not merely Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s petty dilemma, as suggested by the conscript press, but the biggest challenge to the presidency, and to the state’s continued existence as a state.

During martial law, Ferdinand Marcos ordered only one execution, among the many old convicts at death row.  This was the Chinese drug lord Lim Seng, whose life sentence by a military tribunal Marcos ultimately changed to death by musketry, after he learned that the convict had paid off some members of the tribunal to get a lighter sentence. With that execution, Marcos wanted to nip in the bud the illegal drugs traffic and keep the country free from the menace that was destroying millions of lives in so many other countries.

That execution instilled fear among potential drug traffickers for years.  But such fear eventually wore off after the death penalty was abolished and corruption of the political and criminal justice system became more thoroughly complete. We have now reached our lowest point.  Inside Bilibid, murder, the manufacture and traffic of dangerous drugs, and other heinous crimes have put a criminal bureaucracy on top of the official bureaucracy running Bilibid.

It would have defied belief were this but a mere tale of fiction. But it is the ugly reality, fully documented for all to see, except for the Bureau of Corrections director who still wonders what he has done wrong. Just as we had not seen any other president ever corrupting Congress to get its members to do all the wretched things he wanted them to do, we could not think of any president before our beloved PNoy allowing anything like this. It was simply unimaginable. It’s like Batman putting Gotham City in the hands of his nemesis.  But this is now our beloved PNoy’s presidency.

Without any deliberate design or extra effort, and without himself and many of our people realizing it, our beloved president has already sunk our nation into the deepest deep. We can no longer just let him be.

With all the love and mercy in our hearts, we must now tell our beloved PNoy, “it’s really time to go, Mr. President.”  Happy New Year, Mr. President!



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  1. Lets suppose the senators were bribed to get rid of corona, in a way it was a good thing as he was a liar & was corrupt. So now you have a start in getting justice sorted out in this country. Then after that we had a stroke of luck in napoles detaining ben hur, without that we would never have known about the pork barrel scam, but we now have 3 senators waiting for trial. Im hoping there will be more to come as surely most if not all senators, congressmen & top officials are also corrupt. By being 100% honest & always playing by the rules you would have still had corona in his power & doing what he could to help perpetuate the situation.
    I would have a systamatic approach to this & from the top down have each & every senator, congressman investigated by the different agencies all combined in this country. Thats what is needed to get it sorted but it will take a long time. You have to remember all those benefitting from corruption think its their right. They might get low pay so think they have the right to fiddle so they have a good quality of life, the senators who steal millions if not billions dont just want a good life they want a luxurious life.

    • Nice one.

      “Then after that we had a stroke of luck in napoles detaining ben hur, without that we would never have known about the pork barrel scam, but we now have 3 senators waiting for trial.”

      Excuse me, sir, but napoles is a product of scam, farcical billion-budget communications plan engineered by the regime. de anim er de pito er de lima, is a just former runner of napoles. fred villamor is the true lawyer of napoles – owing to napoles’ connections with a corrupt ring that included the head of congress at the time – nograles and the senate presidents as well as senators below him. a fairly young chinese guy with connections to this ring, was the hatchet man that sourced fake contractors and was using napoles.

      the jailing of the 3 senators is part or that communications plan to make someone now sitting as secretary of interior the president and de otso er de lima a senator because of the massive media mileage and the trillion slush fund behind their now running campaigns.

      “Im hoping there will be more to come as surely most if not all senators, congressmen & top officials are also corrupt. By being 100% honest & always playing by the rules you would have still had corona in his power & doing what he could to help perpetuate the situation.”

      corona was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the lawyers-advocates of the department of interior boy girl, are corona’s nemesis in the supreme court. they also have a huge damocles’ sword hanging over binay that now they finally let drop. it would be ugly to have the 2016 elections turn into another farce. it is hoped every Filipino will rise up to the moment and do her and his share in removing the cancer from society. otherwise, this country will plunge into an abyss where it will be most difficult and absolutely hopeless to swim to the surface once more.

      happy new year to you! and to you mr benigno simeon aquino the 3rd, my favorite boy girl and the girl from lima.

  2. Arising from Aquino IIIs mishandling of the Moro issue, the country will be dismembered as the Moro people will wage a people’s war to continue their liberation which was only delayed by the Tripoli Agreement in 1976 supported by the Organization of Islamic Countries. Now that this International Agreement is being stupidly junked by Aquino 111 , we must brace for the worst in Mindanao. It may eventually turn like the Vietnam war.

  3. Roy Mananquil on

    It is sad that history has not taught many Filipinos. Would you rather have corrupt Arroyo, or Marcos, or Binay as president?

    If any of you say that you do, the keep on crying to remove Aquino.

  4. About time we honor PRESIDENT MANUEL A ROXAS, bar topnotcher from UP.
    Gerry Gerry, Mar Roxas cannot hold candle to time. Our Oriental Mindor town
    was renamed after him. It use to be called PACLASAN. Person responsible was
    his colleague from the Phil Nationtional Asssembly Prof. and Assemblyman Gabriel F

  5. As one of the millions of the OFW, I hear and see progress in our country. Therefore I disagree with Kit and probably most of his sympathizers. I think Kit Tatad will have difficulty in agreeing there is progress in our country. Why is this? I have never seen any positive comments about the present government in spite of his intelligence. I was taught to criticize positively like start with a kiss (good things to say), a kick (criticism) and a kiss (end with good words). Nowhere I found any positive comments from him about the administration. I can only think that he was paid by PNoy’s opponents. I suggest that Kit get out of his fence or move away like millions of OFW to see progress and in addition helping our country earn the much needed dollars. You can’t possibly see the progress because there are those that block your vision. What you need is to break the wall and you can see the progress and beauty of our country.

  6. Tatad prides that his position is based on principles and facts. Let us examine. First, What was the democratic space under Martial Law which he justified and the one under Pnoy? It is a fact that you have more under Pnoy than under Marcos whom he served so well.. Second, how do you compare the Supreme Court under Marcos and the one under Pnoy. It is a fact that the Supreme Court under Pnoy is independent and the one under Marcos was not. What principles? What facts?

  7. BS Aquino III is corrupt and incompetent. He should gracefully resign. Who will takeover, the VP? But Binay is perceived as corrupt too, hence he is not acceptable. We should have a transition government with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as President until we can determine who the next President will be through an election.

  8. Procedures, rules, and laws do not apply to a tyrant. Aquino does whatever he wants to do. He disregards everything including ethics and the people that stand in his way. He understands that in the Philippines, money is the king and he can make everyone prostitute themselves for the right amount. Our tyrant Aquino does not get it. No matter what he does, he will always be remembered for spreading corruption to every corner of our government. When the country needed someone to stop the graft and corruption he got in and made it worst. Definitely the worst tyrant, acting as a president, we have ever had.

  9. Dominador D. Canastra on

    If President Aquino doesn’t want the Phlippine Republic to die he must quit now and he must help get rid of Smartmatic and its infernal PCOS machine.

    A Happy and God-blessed New Year to all!

  10. jose btaganahan on

    No way that the incompetent Pnoy must go and let the super corrupt VP takeover? No way, Jose!

    • AGREE! I’d rather have an incompetent than a crook whose famiky is embedded in Gov’t! It will be worse than Marcos!

  11. I agrre with most of your discourse. However, it is blurred by the tendency to be religiously moral. Therefore, those who are irreligious are not respected. We can disagree, but we can also respect each others’ conviction.

    I agree with the passing of RH Bill, since we need population number control,not only in hilippines but globally. However, I disagree with PNoy bribing the Congress to pass what he want. I also agree that Corona must be ousted, but I disagree with using DAP to bribe legislators.

    The problem the Philppines is the mental quality of PNoy. He is not a “sycopath” who wants recognition by falsely flattering to gain their favors. “Psychopath” is more appropriate for PNoy since he is self-absorbed, self-aggrandizement, know-it-all, sensitive to criticisms, calculating. It is all about getting what he wants and expect others to follow him. Spoiled brat. He knows what he is doing, except he does not care, does not understand or does not think about the damage he is inflicting to undividuals (like forgetting to give justice to those imprisoned for long long time) and the country,
    the Philippines.

    Unfortunately, he was elected president with peoples’ hope that he will be another Nino Aquino. Unfortunately too, PNoy’s upbringing developed and enhanced his mental ability to decern what is wrong and what is right. He understands and knows what he wants, not matter what they are to the populace and country.

    Now, we qualify as one of the worst countries worldwide.

  12. Roldan Guerrero on

    DISGRUNTLED MRT Commuters if unite together would be a very good group to start street protests for AQUINO`S OUSTER. COME ON FELLOW FILIPINOS, ” COME TOGETHER” as THE BEATLES sung lets join hands and unseat physically the MONSTER in Malacanang!

    • I hope your call is heard. Somehow, somewhere soon, the protest against the Abnoy to force him down should already start!

  13. The call for the Abnoy to step down is valid and rational. The reasons have been laid out loud and clear. But sad to say, the Abnoy will not step down because he doesn’t think rationally and honestly. He knows his election was a farce. He knows he has no mandate. He knows his “illegitimate presidency” is a product of the PCOS machines. But his insane mind and his cordon sanitaire tell him he should not relinquish his post because they haven’t stolen enough yet. He will not quit, because in his demented mind, this means “talo siya” and Superman or Batman never loses.

    The way I see it, an immovable force must be budged and upended and forced out by a movable force. This will not be too pleasant. But this is the only way to remove him from our midst. He cannot be made to step down civilly. So the uncivil way becomes an option.

  14. sonny dela cruz on

    Well, all has been said and Pnoy does not care, why? who will try to relieve his Presidency. No one, period. He has the congress responsible to initiate the impeachment and conduct the impeachment trial to remove him from his position. Now, who else can remove Pnoy right now as the President. nada. The military is quiet that needs some kind of investigation of their silence about Pnoy,s violation of the constitution. Why they have not say anything to protect the people. Did the Generals received DAP also? Something to think about because Pnoy is untouchable.