• Finally, De Lima confronts Dayan


    Senator Leila de Lima struggled to maintain her equanimity when she confronted her former lover and driver, Ronnie Dayan, at the Senate on Monday.

    LIES! LIES! Sen. Leila de Lima gestures as she maintains that her former lover Ronnie Dayan (left) and Kerwin Espinosa lied in their testimonies. The lawmaker maintained that she never knew or met Espinosa. PHOTOS BY ROGER RAÑADA AND BOB DUNGO

    LIES! LIES! Sen. Leila de Lima gestures as she maintains that her former lover Ronnie Dayan (left) and Kerwin Espinosa lied in their testimonies. The lawmaker maintained that she never knew or met Espinosa. PHOTOS BY ROGER RAÑADA AND BOB DUNGO

    But the lawmaker turned emotional when she insisted that she does not know Kerwin Espinosa and appealed to the two men to tell the truth.

    Dayan had told members of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs that he collected money from Espinosa for De Lima. He said it was the former Justice chief who gave him Espinosa’s cellphone number.

    “Nag-a-appeal lang ako sa inyo, magsabi na kayo ng totoo. Na hindi totoo yung sinasabi ninyong kilala kita (Espinosa), na tumanggap ako (ng pera) (I’m appealing to both of you, tell the truth, that what you are saying that I know you (Espinosa) and that I received money is not true)” De Lima said.
    She said the testimonies of Dayan and Espinosa are full of loopholes.

    In her manifestation during the hearing, De Lima claimed both men lied.

    “These are not cases of simple, minor, innocuous inconsistencies. These are very serious, these are very glaring, these are very irreconcilable versions of your stories about me knowing you,” she said.

    “I would enjoy cross-examining the both of you but I’m avoiding that because there might still be an opportunity for your handlers to make your testimonies right,” De Lima said.

    “Although I’m telling you I forgive you. I forgive both of you. I forgive all those other Bilibid witnesses who also lied in the House inquiry. I’m not blaming you. I’m not angry with you. It is your handlers who I’m angry at. You are both vulnerable. You are being used to destroy me and I will know in due time who they are,” she added.
    Dayan and Espinosa remained calm while De Lima was addressing them.


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    1. What truth can you derive from a petson who is already telling the truth? Unless you want him to twist that truth. They have the facts. De Lima only has her words. She is not even credible.

    2. Perhaps, she ought to use her so-called ‘womanly wiles’ on ‘Sweetie’ and ask, “Remember when…?” to appease him.

    3. I think De Lima is right in pointing the inconsistencies in Dayan and Espinosa’s testimonies. There is no doubt that the likes of Aguirre, Alvares, DU30 and the gangs wanted her to be humiliated in public. The public already feasting on her. Being Christian believer of Christ I am not in favor of the tactics and manner of interrogation by Aguirre’s gangs. Majority of Filipino understands what’s going on. It’s just a matter of time when the plot to oust her will be divulged which would then spark a protest nationwide. This is the scenario.

    4. De Lima! De Lima! De Lima! I am sick and tired of hearing the name De Lima. Is the war on drugs only against De Lima? What about the Narco Generals? The Ninja Cops? The Drug Lords inside and outside the NBP? The corrupt public officials involved in drugs? Too much time, effort and money is being spent on De Lima, while the more guilty parties I believe are getting more chances to hide or even kill the evidence against them for example the unexplained EJKs.

      Yes De Lima is clearly guilty of immorality with her relationship with her boyfriend/boyfriends. Yes she is guilty of advising Dayan to defy the subpoena from the lower house. She should be prosecuted for these and other wrongdoings determined to have probable cause, but the government should cover the whole picture and not concentrate on the face of De Lima.

      I sincerely believe that Duterte’s war on drugs has made the lives of millions of our people relatively safer especially in the drugs infested communities all over our country. And it will take a lot more time to really solve the drug problem. But I do hope that Aguirre and co. will stop acting like mga kabayo ng kalesa na sunod-sunuran lang sa hamoas ng kutsero whose fixed vision and mission is just the destruction of De Lima at all costs.

    5. Marlibel Calanda on

      She only shows she is a congenital liar, armed with drama and antics she shamelessly displayed before the whole nation. The two witnesses did not recant their statements, making De Lima look more guilty than ever. Haha buti nga!

    6. Could that what you stated will add former miriam Santiago who lambasted enrile who was then accused, detained? There are more justices that portray judicially similar to de Lima. She will definitely defend herself.

    7. Parang laruan na lang yang SENADO HEARING na yan…KASUHAN NA YANG BABAENG yan… sobra na kasinungalingan nya…meron sila picture ni Espinosa sa Baguio..tapos sasabihin nya di kilala? Tama di nya kilala pwede yan…pero yan ay ngapapa-tunay na meron sila comunication sa nakaraan. HOY MGA JUDGE WAG NA KAYO MAG-KAMPI-KAMPI… maliwanag pa yan sa sikat ng araw..

    8. Serial prevaricators whom the god wish to destroy, they first make madcap rants about the absolute sanctity of truth. Alas, Sen. Leila de Lima now fits that description to a T! Requiescat in pace, Lie in Peace, Liela…

    9. Tama ka delima hindi kayo magkakilala at yun din sinabi ni espinosa at dayan , at sa baguio nga lang kayo una nagkita ni kerwin. Inamin ni lover boy na pinapunta niya si kerwin sa baguio at may inabot sa kaniya, niligaw man ni dayan ang petsa, maliwanag sa record ng alexandra at date sa isa pang litrato mo na tumetistigo pareho suot mo damit. Why not ask loverboy to whom he gave the bag of drug money. That answer the moronic idea of trilyanes that picture could not connect you to the insinuation of kerwin. It will also belie what loverboy, you and trilyanes claimed that loverboy already resigned from doj in yr 2014 they delima and loverboy no longer have contact. If i may suggest, maybe resigned from doj bt stil recvd his monthly ration while he is on call for whatever services d5 may require. At itong bobong sen trilboy gusto papaniwalain ang tao base sa ginawa nila at eksperyensa sa panahon ni abnoy, na mababago daw ang testimonya pag nagpalit o makabalik ang dilawan sa Poder. Yan ang KARMA. Bakit hindi nyo tanungin trilboy at porky si layla paano sa panahon nya as soj, nakumbinsi siya ni lover boy italaga si bukayo at yung isa pa at inappoint niya sa bucor sa hiling ni loverboy. Anyarre, na naging LAS VEGAS RESORT CASINO SPA, shabu to the max, babae, alak sugal live show at a g kulungan condo, town houses armado bilanggo ng mas malalkas na kalibre kaysa gwardya, at naging centro ng marketing ng shabu. Kung di niya ALAM AT WALANG LAGAYAN TONG KOTONG , BOBO LANG BA?

    10. Ang dramatics ni Delima ay lumang tugtogin na. She is pregnant with self-serving opinions without presenting supporting evidence. She is all the more burying herself in her own anomalies & guilt.

    11. Senator Leila de Lima’s actions and demeanor s both point to Psychiatric conditions. This woman is suffering from Narcisism and she’s a pathological liar as well. Any Psychiatrist “On Call” in the Senate? We have patient who badly needs your help!

    12. Senator Leila de Lima is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR who needs psychiatric evaluation and treatment. She’s also manifesting signs and symptoms of Narcissism. Where’s the Psychiatrist ‘on call’ in the Senate to evaluate this patient???

    13. Jun Marlang Estioko on

      Now I understand what Sen. Delima means by the word TRUTH. If you tow and agree with her line of thinking, if you want to say things that she wants the public to hear though they are lies – these are truth to her. Unfortunately, people are very intelligent that they can determine what are true and what are lies.

    14. This woman cheese is off her crackers! She totally lost it! She should inhibit herself from Senate investigation- theres enough clowns to steal the show. Her antics are annoying like a cornered rat.
      she should seek Psychiatric help quick …