Finally, Marcos overtakes Escudero

Crowd Drawer  Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos greets supporters who flocked to the Olongapo City Hall just to meet him. Contributed Photo

Crowd Drawer
Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos greets supporters who flocked to the Olongapo City Hall just to meet him. Contributed Photo

OLONGAPO CITY, Zambales: Finally, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has overtaken his closest rival in the vice presidential race– Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

In the latest Pulse Asia survey taken from March 8 to 13, 2016, the ABS-CBN commissioned survey showed Marcos edging out Escudero, getting 25 percent of the vote of the 4,000 people polled.

Escudero got 24 percent, one point lower than the 25 percent he got in the previous survey.

Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo trailed the two senators at 20 percent, followed by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, 13 percent, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, six percent and Sen. Gregorio Honasan, five percent.

“We are happy that our message of unity resonates and is being accepted by the people. I think we are moving in the right direction. We remain focused on the campaign and we will continue to work harder to get our message across to more people,” Marcos said.

His latest rating was three points higher than the rating he got in the March 1 to 6 Pulse Asia survey also commissioned by ABS-CBN.

He retained his lead in the National Capital Region(NCR or Metro Manila) at 35 percent and the Balance of Luzon, 29 percent.

Marcos also took Class ABC at 31 percent and Class D at 27 percent.

In a statement, the senator said the latest survey inspires him to work even harder in the campaign.


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  1. Dr. Chrisostomo Phd on

    Marcos overtakes Escudero shows how quick Filipino people have forgotten the bitterness of Martial Law and human rights violations. They (the Filipinos) have also forgotten the sacrifice of the late hero, Senator Benigno Aquino. He died in vain, If he only knew how his arch political enemy would come back to political power; history would repeat itself. If only Cory Aquino knew another Marcos will come back to Malacanang, Edsa/People Power revolution would be in vain. Just like a dog, who goes back to his vomit to eat it, the Filipino people never learn their lesson.

    • jeff jaramillo on

      What was bad about Martial Law under Pres. Marcos you are talking about? The intention was good, but it became sour when Benigno Aquino, Jr., son of a Japanese collaborator in WWII, used his oratorical ability to spread lies.. Sen. Salonga himself said tha your hero, Benigno Aquino, Jr., has something to do with the Plaza Miranda bombing. See, because of Ninoy’s ambition, the lives of his party mates matters not. Your hero is an ulopong, sawa, ahas. Walang halaga ang buhay ng tao, pati mga kasama, makamit lamang ang kanyang ambision. At sino mang umaayon sa kanya ay ulopong din, sawa, ahas.

    • Time to move on, Filipinos are smart. I like your title “DR” but you are being haunted by your own shadows, being paranoid and overwhelmed by your fears prevents you from moving forward. Please don’t compare “Filipinos” to a dog, Filipinos are intelligent than what you think, DR.

    • So be it. It is Bongbong who is running. Had it been FM rising from the dead and running as vice president, then I would be as seriously concerned as you…

    • Dr. Chrisostomo Phd on

      It is very interesting to read JJ’s (Jeff Jaramillo) comment calling “Benigno Aquino Jr., son of a Japanese collaborator in WWII.” I have serious problems with his statement. First, JJ brings up Japanese occupation in the Philippines during WWI as if the W.W. II just happened two or three years ago. World War II formally ended in Sept. 2, 1945, that was 70 years ago!! JJ’s sudden refresh memory of Japanese collaboration of Aquino’s father did not happen just yesterday, last week, last month or just last year. Many Filipinos say they believe that Mr. Marcos’s father, Mariano, collaborated with the Japanese as a propagandist. Former VP Salvador Laurel’s father was a Japanese collaborator! Second, why does JJ bring up Japanese occupation of the P.I. during W.W. 2? Was JJ even born during W.W. 2? Did he experienced and see what was like during the Japanese occupation of the PI during W.W.2? Third, why just cite the Japanese collaborators during W.W. 2? Why not go all the way back during the American occupation of the Philippines. Presidents Quezon, Osmena and Roxas can be considered American collaborators during the American imperial colonialism in the Philippine Islands, but they are not considered collaborators! Let’s not forget the Filipino collaborators during the Spanish colonialism and occupation of the islands too! JJ should take a look at Japan now and compare it to the Philippine Islands. Maybe, the Philippines should have become part of Japan!

  2. Strike one (1) for Macapagal, Strike two (2) for Aquino. If ever Marcos is elected VP it will be ball (1), ball (2) in six (6) years and ball three (3) in twelve (12) years. Fast forward – Marcos becomes the President. Either Marcos will hit a grand slam or will strike out. Baseball as like politics. Let us elect people that get a hit, double, triple or home run. May the best candidate for President & Vice wins.

  3. It is very surprising that BBM as shown by the survey has 35% of the NCR votes for VP. The region where the People Power 1 occurred that ousted his father from Malacanang is supporting him tremendously. This might be an indication that voters ahve any or all of these sentiments: (a) have forgiven the excesses of Martial Law that PNoy is pounding on endlessly; (b) do not care about the present administration; (c) he is the best choice for the position notwithstanding his pedigree; (d) they realized that PP1 was a mistake; (e) succeeding administrations did not do better than Marcos; (f) succeeding administrations were worse than Marcos.

    • jeff jaramillo on

      Don’t be surprised, your so called PP1 crowd is just a small fraction of Metro Maila population. The was this silent majority that supports Marcos, and now, they are coming out.

  4. I am suspicious about this survey result. This could be part of a larger plot to rig the election results. By giving BBM an edge over the other candidates, they are trying to project some sense of credibility for the survey, and when the election draws near they will bring out a survey with their chosen candidate as the winner. This is all part of manipulating the people’s mind. So let’s all be vigilant. Let’s fight for the poor people’s candidate, BBM..

  5. Jacinto Baybay on

    BONGbong Marcos is unstoppable. Just as Abnoy will not stop his Marcos bashing.

  6. Marcos, himself, admits that he is doing good because the President leads in criticizing him. Roxas should learn from that, stop from being the President’s puppet and be his own man, in order to improve his rating.

  7. i m still supicious about this survey even though BBM on top coz robledo is not that far behind i think its a set up after election they will tell to the people that BBM lost in a narrow margin remember aquino is the sitting president.cory cheated miriam in favor of ramos before.

    • Toclets Velasco on

      Mr. Fundador, what have you been drinking these days. Try to sober up my friend and accept the reality. Survey says what it is. Cheers to you.

  8. jeff jaramillo on

    Filipinos in Hawaii are working hard for Bongbong Marcos. The Marcos for Peace Movement, organized in Hawaii in 2011, will be holding a rally in support for BBM’s unity agenda on April 2nd in Waipahu.

    Agbiag ni Marcos!

  9. This recent survey was probably tamed for the benifit of Pnoy. The reality everywhere is that Bongbong Marcos is leading by more than 10 points by now. This is real nightmare for Pnoy. It gone to his head that Bongbong will be vendictive against Pnoy family. That Marcoses and the Romualdezes have never been vindictive to any of their political enemies historically.

  10. He who humble himself is to be exalted…BBM will be the next Vice President of the Philippines superceeded by the President, doorstep at the Malacanang Palace.
    Ang may paggalang sa ating saligang batas , pagmamahal sa ating mamayan at inang bayan… GOD BLESS BBM AND THE PHILIPPINES…

  11. …the rise of FM Jr. as a result of the latest survey done by Pulse Asia is a clear manifestation that whatever issues about martial law atrocities thrown to him including kitchen sink, etc. did not affect his candidacy as shown by his numbers in that survey. It also help to him the tirades and innuendos of this administration headed by the No.1 tenant in Malacanang palace and their cabal of yellow hordes to boost the rating of Bong-bong, what next?

  12. Hilario Martinez on

    I wonder how many know what bongbong did behind the scene days before the edsa revolt. maybe they should ask the senior officials of tesda today.

  13. Based on the accomplishments of the candidates , I can see a better Philippines under
    Binay ,BongBong and Duterte. If this three can work together as leaders , they can
    make a difference . Each one has their own strengths and accomplished and capable of tackling the existing chronic problems in our society.

  14. This era is undeniably the return of Political and Economic Messiah. Political Messiah because he is going to unite the nation thru the ideology of his father “The Revolution from the Center” based on Freedom, Truth & Justice. Economic Messiah because he is going to revive the abandoned economic measures that his father has instituted during the golden years of the Philippine History that made this country “The Tiger of Asia.”

  15. INformed Ilocanos voting abroad are all for Marcos for VP – It is Binay or Duterte for President.

    • I think Binay’s complete set of SALN was shown to the press after the Cebu debate.SALN are public documents that TV stations were able to get copies for their election commentaries .