• Financial freedom and an OFW’s success story


    The journey towards financial stability is quite challenging, especially given the demands and expenses of everyday life. But for Peter Ramores, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) the destination was well worth the journey.

    Even at a young age, Ramores aspired to work abroad for a better life.

    Born and raised in Ligao, Albay, his parents worked hard. His father was a government employee, and his mother would sell goods in the local market to augment their family income.

    At 21 years old, he flew to Saudi Arabia to start a career as a mechanic. He worked his way over the years to be promoted as a foreman, a senior mechanic, and then a supervisor, taking side jobs along the way. Unfortunately, he learned that he could not be promoted in the company where he worked, as they preferred Arabs or Arabic-speaking staff for higher positions.

    Peter Ramores with wife Rachel

    Peter Ramores with wife Rachel

    Ramores searched for business and multi-level marketing opportunities to improve his financial situation. This also developed his entreprenaeurial skills, his network of contacts and business partners grew, and he started earning enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. His wife, Rachel, was always on hand to support him in his endeavors until he got to head the largest group of Filipino multi-level marketing network in Kuwait.

    In August 2013, he heard about houses and condo properties in the Philippines being offered to Filipinos in the Middle East. He was intimidated at first thinking that the real estate industry was a field for the corporate, where one has to dress formally and highly educated.

    Drawn by curiosity, he visited the Filinvest International office in Kuwait, attending several sessions to understand real estate investing. Here, he saw the opportunity to help ordinary Filipinos invest by clarifying complicated terms and providing them with a better understanding of the ins and outs of real estate investing. Acquiring the necessary knowledge and training to accomplish this, he worked his way up to become a manager in three years. He and his wife now manage a network of more than a hundred sellers in the Middle East and around the world.

    Reaping numerous awards and recognition for his consistent top sales performance, plus grossing a monthly income of P1-million per month, Ramores challenges, “If I can do it, then everybody who has a dream and ambition can do it. Our office is always open to guide and help those who are willing to work hard and do what it takes to succeed.”


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