Find good restos with new iOS app of OpenRice


Aiming to give more Filipinos the convenience of finding the best places to eat, OpenRice Philippines launched its newly designed mobile app for iOS that links foodies with more than 80,000 restaurants and food establishments.

Besides finding the perfect place to eat, users can also read fellow food enthusiasts’ recommendations with more than 40,000 reviews from the OpenRicer community. But what sets OpenRice Philippines iOS Mobile App apart from others is the reassurance of not being stuck with unhelpful one-liner reviews, promising only delightful meals and deals based on what others write about a certain restaurant.

“At OpenRice, we encourage more descriptive reviews with at least 300 characters so that our mobile and online users can really be helped in choosing which restaurant is worth checking out,” OpenRice Philippines marketing manager Leah Fajardo explained.

To make it even better, the OpenRice app integrates all of a person’s dining activities with their social media networks like Facebook and Twitter so that it’s easier to post where he ate or what his take is about a certain establishment. Saying whether a person experienced gastronomic heaven or culinary hell is definitely made easier with this app.

“We really wanted to make it convenient for everyone to find new restaurants to try out or rediscover old favorites which our app can easily provide especially with the GPS navigation that comes along with it,” Fajardo said. The app also includes free discount coupons from different restaurants that users can use.

So, whether one is in the mood for Japanese or good ol’ Filipino cuisine, the OpenRice mobile app will be readily available in helping foodies find the nearest and best-recommended restaurants that meet one’s fancy. Together with the OpenRice desktop version at, discovering great dining possibilities is easier for those using the OpenRice iOS mobile app.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, OpenRice is now the city’s most popular place to find dining ideas and share dining experiences. Since then, OpenRice has expanded its presence in major cities across China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.


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