Finding home in a foreign land


    On May 22, Julio Jose Austria opens his exhibition “Worm Universe” at the Mezzanine of the Makati Shangri-la, Manila.

    In the exhibit, Austria presents his reflections on the everyday struggles of finding a home in a foreign land.
    This series further depicts a parallel narrative: that of Austria’s immigrant experience and of the refugee community in Bruchkobel, Germany, where Austria completed a two-month residency.

    ‘Base Camp’

    Within the abstractions and erasures that Austria often uses to tell a multi-layered narrative of migrancy and mobility is the reality of life on the ground, alluded to in the title Worm Universe.

    This is where Austria invokes the everyday life of the immigrant—a backstory consisting of logistics, of getting one’s body off the ground, of paperwork, of the red tape that precedes the moment when one is able to gaze, awestruck, at new (and strange) horizons.

    Worm Universe runs until June 3.


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