Finding the right one


It’s not really the “best one”, who will be chosen for the job, but rather, the “right one,” says Marzan. These traits are what he’d like to see in prospective applicants:

■ GRIT – We’re in a start-up situation, and we will fail in many things. It’s important to get up fast and learn from it, try out new solutions and pursue a new path. We are solving big and difficult problems every day, so people need to have a certain tenacity, determination and strength of character to get through it.

■ PASSION – It’s important that people are passionate about our mission and industry. No amount of training, education or experience can substitute for the drive and spirit of someone who is passionate about the business and what we are trying to achieve.

■ COMFORTABLE IN EVERY-CHANGING SITUATIONS – Our business is such that we often face ambiguous and unstructured conditions. I also look for people who have shown success in other industries besides financial services or technology.


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