• Finding the target


    I find it really amusing that a long time ago in my junior years, I would just look for a spot on where to send the golf ball, use whatever golf club I have at hand, and simply just do it! It was very intuitive and based on visuals and feel. And now, everything is so scientific! Instructional methodologies, rangefinders, GPS, Dopplerradars, precise custom club fitting, advance technology and excellent golfing materials for clubs and other equipment, and even accessories, are all around.

    South Korea’s Park Inbee celebrates a victory. AFP PHOTO

    In fact, I have gone back with that old mindset for quite a while now. On the course, I find my target, select a club intuitively, I do some visuals (using the mind’s eye), do and feel a practice swing or two, then just go for it with all the confidence I’ve got. But most importantly, I make certain that before I make each shot, and really make certain, that I smile and feel good at that moment. I believe that each shot is the most important moment during your entire round, which must be savored, bad or good. But just to be honest, sometimes when in doubt, I use a rangefinder. It is so convincing to know the exact yardage reading on certain shots.

    On the other hand, you can also be more technical in finding your target. As far as I am concerned, and assuming that golf mechanics are well understood, you need to consider at least five factors; selecting the right club for the yardage reading, establishing the correct grip, aiming the clubface, aligning your body and establishing the correct swing path. In addition, you can do your visuals, routines and other mental preparations.

    During your practice, consider the five factors. You need to master your tempo and various swing sizes, to ultimately know your exact yardage for each club. Study your grip to consistently square up the clubface on impact. Aim the clubface accurately so it does not veer left or right initially, unless you can already feel the slight manipulations. Learn to align your body squarely so that the correct swing path can be naturally established. Advance and skillful players can also control the swing path, by utilizing their visual and feel.

    So now, you may have two choices in finding your target. You can be intuitive or counterintuitive. At the end of the day, golfing in the zone, does not require a lot of thinking. It’s really a matter of following your gut-feel, staying in the flow, believing yourself, and as always, always feeling good. I really believe that it does not have to be too technical. Technology takes out the fun!

    Simply send the ball to your intended target. Trust yourself and be confident. If it doesn’t happen, then accept it and try again. Through this process, always smile and feel good. Only then you will understand why you aim for the flag at the end of each hole.


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