Finding true love



Talking about love in February is so overrated but there are certain kinds of love worth discussing.

Love is not a feeling—I think we all know this. Rather, it is a commitment, a decision. We continue to love and show it even on days we don’t feel it. That’s why relationships must be founded in sincere commitments and not just elevated feelings of being in love.

A mother’s love for her child is a picture of God’s love for us. It is never based on performance. Children do not have to perform nor work to earn our love for them; we just love them. Even before we held them in our arms, we already love them.

Furthermore, we never needed our kids to be a certain fashion before loving them. In fact the purest of love is mother’s love, how they care for and serve their children in their early years, when all they do is eat and poop and make mess.

Now that is love—committed and decided-upon kind of love.

That’s the same love that God has for us—only of course His is more unconditional and consistent. Do you know that God just loves us, in all our imperfections? It was never a prerequisite to be perfect before we could be loved. We are sinners, as a matter of fact.

To truly love is not easy. Humans are selfish. We are naturally motivated to give based on what we will get in return. Often times, it is hardest with the people closest to us such as our family members.

We are also neither lovable all the days of our lives. But in the context of family, God reminds us that love is towards imperfect people.

A mother’s love is a reflection of true love

Want to know if how you love is true? Here is a definition, which you can use as a check list to assess your loving:
1. Are you committed to love without conditions?

2. Do you accept people despite their imperfections and flaws?

3. Do you desire what is truly best for the person you ‘love’?

4. Are you willing to sacrifice?

5. Does your love for this person/s glorify God?

How can we love the way we should? When we have received it first hand. As written in 1 John 4:19, “We love, because He loved us first.”

Some of us think we are loving, but the way we love may be wrong. Truth is, we can only give true love if we have first received it. Have you received the love of Christ? Accept it and receive it so you can give it.


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