Finding your bliss at the heart of Edsa


Tell any Metro Manila resident that Edsa is their road to a relaxed and progressive metropolitan lifestyle and get ready to see utter disbelief in their eyes.

The infamy of Edsa is really one for the books. The roughly 23.8 kilometer stretch of congested highway and the daily traffic madness it carries is a fact known by every resident in the capital region.

While Edsa was initially intended to be a groundbreaking road structure that would elevate and further industrialize Metro Manila, these days Edsa is not viewed in a bright light. While it is popularly associated with the historic people power revolution of the 80s, unfortunately, the vivid images of bumper-to-bumper traffic have become more prevalent these days.

Passing through six capital region cities and carrying 600,000 to one million vehicles daily, it’s not a stretch to say that a majority of residents are unwilling patrons of the highway. But despite all this, it isn’t impossible to find once again the beauty and joy that Edsa can give. With a little ingenuity and an open mind, Edsa can go from being a source of woe to a place of wonder.

Location is everything

In the middle of the traffic chaos, a calm abode is essential for any commuter looking for respite, whether for a few minutes to breathe or an entire night of peace. Finding your own haven along Edsa means that you’re no longer at the mercy of traffic or crowded cafes; it means that you can sit back and relax the way you want to.

Though at first glance an Edsa address might not seem like the most relaxing idea, picture the ease that comes with being neighbors to some of the country’s largest companies and most-sought after recreational places. Better yet, an Edsa address proves the most successful as you’re right in midst of industry leaders and within a few blocks from Metro Manila’s major commuting routes.
Find your Edsa haven, and you’ve hit gold.

Nobody can blame a commuter for putting exercise on the back-burner after a long day of work and hours spent waiting for time to pass. But instead of killing time just sitting around, why not while away those hours to get fit?

Nowadays, new developments along Edsa have put an importance on health centers that cater to the many hour-sensitive needs of Edsa frequenters. If you’ve got a gym membership going to waste near your office or near your house that you don’t have time to utilize, consider joining a fitness center along Edsa instead. That way you’re not killing time, you’re maximizing it.

Unwind and find your passion

Even the most optimistic person can get bogged out after a battle in the streets.

Luckily, it’s not hard to find a variety of leisure centers and exciting dining concepts that are repositioning Edsa as the hottest place to see and experience the newest in food and fitness.

Ever wished to try out ballroom dancing? Craving for a mouthwatering dish to satisfy your appetite and even impress the most discerning of foodies? You’ll find world-class facilities along Edsa where all of your passions can be satisfied. By doing so, you’ve effectively transformed Edsa into your place of self-discovery and expression where your passions can thrive.

Turn Edsa into your progressive mecca

As another transformative move by nation-building developer New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI), The Victoria Sports Tower Station 2—known for its strategic location and flexible-sized units, is soon to be joined by another iconic NSJB property: the much-anticipated Victoria Sports. Together, these two properties can help any highway patron rediscover the joy of Edsa.

Touted as the world’s largest covered sports club in a residential condominium, Victoria Sports offers a plethora of traditional exercises, trendy new fitness classes, multiple courts, Olympic-sized pools, bowling alleys, spas, and restaurants of various cuisines.

By being part of the Victoria Sports Tower community—and eventually shifting your active lifestyle to full gear courtesy of the soon-to-rise Victoria Sports—Edsa’s image can be reimagined efficiently.

Who knows, Edsa can soon be your highway to a place of progress, relaxation, and excitement.


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