• Finger-pointing at the reopened Mamasapano Senate hearing


    SENATE Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile articulated in English and Tagalog what the people have been seeing all along. In this government you officials, and the police and military are just pointing fingers at each other.”

    He blamed President BS Aquino for the Mamasapano disaster.

    As told in our front page story today, Enrile said President Aquino kept the knowledge Oplan Exodus to himself and to suspended Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima.

    He hid the operation from his own Cabinet members and relevant government, police and military officials. Thus, the debacle.

    Sen. Enrile got then SAF Director Napeñas to admit — in answering his question — that President Aquino had compartmentalized the Oplan Exodus to himself and Purisima.

    “To understand this, when I say compartmented Oplan Exodus, I mean that President Aquino intentionally, deliberately and actually confined and arrogated unto himself and Purisima full knowledge, command and control, and strategic decisions over Oplan Exodus,” Enrile said. He “excluded all others, including members of his Cabinet except Secretary Roxas and the command system of the PNP and the AFP. He kept everything to himself and his trusted man Purisima.”

    SP Drilon rises in BSA’s defense
    In contrast to Senator Enrile, other senators tried to make BS Aquino look less culpable. Senate President Franklin Drilon in particular took pains to elicit answers from witnesses to show that Aquino had nothing to do with the planning and execution of Oplan Exodus.

    At one point, he categorically contradicted Sen. Enrile, who had made the conclusion that the lack of coordination and eventually the killing of the 44 SAF heroes happened because of Aquino’s interference (pakikialam) in the work that should have been left to professionals. Drilon made an intervention to proclaim that no witness or resource person had ever made any testimony saying that the President had done any “pakialam.”

    Mr. Drilon also argued against Senator Enrile’s assertion that BS Aquino had compartmentalized the operation to himself and suspended PNP Chief Purisima. Drilon said it was Napeñas and not President Aquino who had actually compartmentalized Oplan Exodus. He encouraged Purisima to say that it was Napeñas who had crafted the whole plan and then ignored BS Aquino’s instruction to coordinate with the military.

    Napeñas several times tried to correct statements made that he had authored the whole plan, saying that a team of planners had created it and he was only the ground commander of the PNP commandos tasked to carry out the mission to capture high-profile terrorist Marwan.

    On Napeñas’ having failed to coordinate with military commanders, it was clear since last year’s hearings that after he and Purisima met with President Aquino and he left Purisima and Aquino to talk by themselves, Purisima finally came out and told Napeñas that he (Purisima) would take care of the coordination.

    On questioning by Senator Ralph Recto, Napeñas spoke about US involvement in Operation Exodus. This point was stressed by committee hearing chair Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares.

    Trillanes: Court martial unharmed SAF commandos
    Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th made a point of showing how the PNP SAF people were so lacking in the virtues possessed by military officers like himself. An AFP sergeant had earlier testified that he and his men had seen and talked to two groups of SAF commandos who were not advancing to the scene of the massacre to help their besieged fellow SAF commandos.

    These SAF commandos would most likely have also been killed by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) if they had advanced.

    Trillanes told Napeñas—and the hearing—that if that had happened in the military, the SAF men who did not move to rescue their besieged SAF comrades would have been court-martialed for cowardice. Trillanes also directly addressed the present chief of the PNP to enforce discipline among his people.


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    1. Why not invite also the US representatives, since they are there also to give their testimonies.

    2. This is just a trick of sen minority leader to remind the voters who not to vote for in the coming election. He has no bomb to explode, just scared the cheemp-in-command and his minions. He must be laughing right now.

    3. Junadan says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      January 27, 2016 at 8:46 am

      It is undeniable from all the circumstantial events, meetings of leading participants from the Prsident, Defense Secretary Gasmin, the AFP Chief of Staff Catapang and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and to Deles, that this Pnoy administration was fully committed to the MILF ceasefire and the passage of the BBL that to protect this agenda Pnoy sacrificed the precious lives of the SAF 44 forces by his utter and intentional failure as Ommander-in-Chief to assist and save the lives of these heroes by unleashing the military artillery that was then asked from but withheld by the AFP due to alleged I ceasefire and “stand-down” order of Pnoy. This stand – order must have been given by Pnoy to the top AFP command. that even Maj.Gen. edmundo Pangilinan refused to fire the artillery on request of an American advisor who knew the ambush situation test could have save the SAF operatives lives.
      It is also regrettable that Mar Roxas as DILG head and PNP top administrator had no courage to argue with Pnoy and decisively pushed him to assist and provide military artillery support during the Mamasapano massacre and instead labeled the massacre as a “misencounter”. Roxas was so spineless as a leader and cautious not to offend his “boss” Pnoy for violating ceasefire but in process of saving SAF lives. It turned out the “cease-fire agreement” was instead violated by the other party (MILF) who even alleged as the aggrieved party. Roxas for acting as a literal “clone” and clowning for Pnoy does not deserve to succeed Pnoy as President, as both are stubborn, insensitive, mental-lightweight, indecisive and lack in-depth judgment.
      For Pnoy’s criminal negligence in failure to provide or withholding military artillery support during the Mamasapano massacre of the SAF 44 heroes, he,must be prosecuted criminally and put in jail to serve justice for such lost of SAF lives

      Since Pnoy “compartmented” or “solely manage” the Planning, operatIon and execution of Oplan Exodus together with the suspended PNP Head Alan Purisima, who admitted to do the coordination himself of the plan with military, these two officials must perforce be the only people responsible and criminally culpable for the massacre of the. SAF 44 heroes!
      Let the onus of criminal punishment be inflicted and imposed on these two criminals to give full justice to the SAF 44 brave deceased heroes!

      • Did you ask yourself , if Pinoy is determined to pass the BBL, why did he approve the Mamasapano raid which he knows is a MILF stronghold? That question bothers me a lot because this raid will affect the passage of the BBL.So up to this date BBL is not approve by congress. What is Pinoy mindset ? Is he really thinking the effect of his decision ? Another bad decision, Pinoy vetoed SSS increase a few months before the election. 100percent this will affect all liberal party candidates. Mar Roxas will surely lose. Watch out for the wrath of the seniors. Is this a decision of a wise president or a FOOL ?

    4. What I learned in the hearing… Pinoy, Napenas and Purisima kept the plan to themselves. The army for what ever reason did not use their howitzer when needed. They used the big guns late Sunday afternoon when all SAF troopers are dead. SAF troopers did not follow instructions to surround the area to protect the raiding party. They stayed approx 1 mile from the encounter area. The army tried to help but other SAF troopers were so scared to enter the area. Too much power was given to Napenas and his subordinates failed to follow instruction. That is the reason S. Trillanes was so irritated with the remaing 300 plus SAF troopers waiting in the streets and letting their fellow comrades die. Napenas, Purisima and President Aquino were the people that are responsible in this massacre.

      • Only the commander on the ground is full responsible and to those who prepared, reviewed and approved the operation plan. The root cause is MONEY! Things get short cut when there is money involve. Sounds familiar. This is happening in sport and government agencies such as customs, immigration, etc.

      • its a covert operation..call it compartmentalized (by Enrile) so only few people must know the details..napenas already mentioned the AFP is already compromised so AFP cannot be trusted for a successful operation..don’t we get it guys, its the military planning that doomed it to fail and only those who planned it should get the bulk of blame..

    5. Goons, guns, and greenbacks.

      Another Aquino masterclass in how not to lead. It comes from never having to work, think, or take a decision throughout life, and still having a nanny at 50+!!

      “Cowardice begins with selfishness and ends with shame”
      José Rizal

      Between the amateurs from the US, the keystone cops, and chump-in-chief Aquino, it was always doomed to end in blood, sweat, tears, lives, and lies.

      But just as bad was the sheer lack of empathy shown by Aquino after the massacre, and his habit of hiding when the pressure mounts.

      “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave”
      Mahatma Gandhi

      War and conflict is the only way americans learn geography. Also time to show them the way home.

      ‘An american at the airport was short by a dollar to buy his ticket to the US, and asked people, “can some-one help me get home. I need a dollar”
      Some-one replied ” Here is 10 dollars, take 9 of your friends!”

      • Let’s stick to facts as a result of the investigation. The President has acknowledge full responsibility for the death of SAF 44 soldiers. The plan was not carried out according to plan that resulted in the death of 44 SAF soldiers and a number of civilians and MILF fighters.
        So all your quotations will not alter the events and are irrelevant. Please keep your arguments or comments simple and smart.