Finishing spare space can add value to your home


Finishing a spare room such as unused storage space can be done affordably and add living space and equity to your home, a local hardware and remodeling supplier said, offering some basic guidelines for a successful remodeling project.

The experts at AA Advincula Hardware, which has a number of stores in Cavite, said that remodeling can be done in just a few relatively inexpensive steps if the space does not require any significant construction or installation of electrical or plumbing fixtures.

An unused room or storage space can be turned into attractive, useful living space at relatively low cost. Photo: The Finished Basement Co.

“First, it’s always a good idea to waterproof the space, especially in our climate,” Advincula said. “Inspect the room to see if there are any issues—wet spots, mold, cracks in the floors or walls— clean everything thoroughly and allow it to dry for at least a day, then seal any cracks or holes. Afterwards, apply a couple coats of waterproofing paint or sealant to any concrete surfaces.”

The ceiling and the roof above it should also be inspected, the building experts said, first to repair any leaks, and second to install some insulation on top of the ceiling. The most affordable and easy-to-use type is a kind of plastic foam with a foil layer on one side. “Insulation helps block some of the heat coming from the roof, especially if it’s a metal roof, and helps to insulate against noise,” Advincula said, explaining that the insulation should be installed with the foil side up, or in other words, facing towards the underside of the roof.

Finishing the walls is the next step, and while paint or even tile are good options, Advincula suggested mounting gypsum wallboard. “This also helps to insulate the room against sound and heat, and allows you to easily hang pictures or mirrors,” Advincula said. The wallboard is usually attached to concrete walls using 2-centimeter thick by 4-centimeter wide boards; the wooden strips are attached to the concrete, with the wallboard mounted to the boards with screws.

Whatever material is used for the walls, Advincula recommended a light-colored finish. “Light colors make a room seem brighter, and don’t absorb heat, which is important in rooms that receive direct sunlight,” the building supplier explained. To make a small space appear a little larger, painting one wall in a slightly darker shade than the others adds some visual depth to the space.

Finally, the floor must be finished. For spaces that will have a lot of foot traffic, Advincula recommended tile or wood parquet—wooden flooring in a tile form that can be installed with adhesive. “Painting a floor is strictly temporary. If you don’t mind redoing it every so often, it’s okay, but a tile or wood flooring will last longer and look much nicer,” Advincula said.

While assessed values of homes are based on floor area and not the finish, turning a space designated as storage or spare space into something useful like another bedroom does increase the value of the home. More importantly, it provides extra living space, which is especially welcome for growing families.


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