• Fire-breathing Santiago heaps scorn on Enrile

    Sen. Miriam Santiago points at her colleague Juan Ponce Enrile as she delivers her scathing speech on Wednesday. Photo By Edwin Muli

    Sen. Miriam Santiago points at her colleague Juan Ponce Enrile as she delivers her scathing speech on Wednesday. Photo By Edwin Muli

    Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Wednesday fired away at minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile, depicting him as the mastermind of the pork barrel scam, a smuggling king and a “psychopathic hypersexualized serial womanizer.”

    In a rare appearance in the Senate, Santiago, who is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, delivered a scalding speech in response to Enrile’s own broadside against her last week.

    “This man, contrary to logic and common sense, hopes to evade criminal prosecution and public outrage over his plunder by resurrecting campaign dirt against me which are over 21 years old! Dream on, old man, a.k.a Tanda,” Santiago said, pointing to Enrile who sat impassively in front of her.

    Santiago repeated her indictment of Enrile as the brains behind what she described as the biggest plunder case in Philippine history—the pork barrel scam.

    Enrile was the biggest recipient of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)—P1.189 billion—from 2005 to 2013, Santiago said.

    She said several persons close to Janet Lim-Napoles have testified that Enrile gave non-governmental organizations (NGOs) linked to the jailed businesswoman access to his pork barrel in 22 instances amounting to P641.65 million.

    Despite of the mounting evidence, Santiago said, the minority leader has kept silent as a “cowering mouse” and came out with a speech containing “rehashed black propaganda.”

    Santiago also resurrected the alleged relationship of Enrile and his former chief of staff, Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, saying it the reason why Enrile’s wife left him in 1998.

    Enrile, according to Santiago, was behind the appointment of Reyes’ husband, Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes, to the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

    “At one point in his glittering career as Senate President, Enrile had the audacity to throw a birthday party at a five-star Makati hotel for his concubine, to which he was able to drag President [Benigno] Aquino [3rd],” Santiago said.

    She accused Enrile of running a smuggling and gambling empire in CEZA, for which Enrile insisted on an appropriation in the 2014 budget of P80 million.

    All throughout Santiago’s harangue, Enrile sat without saying a word, sometimes smiling and tinkering with his tablet.

    Santiago reserved some of her vitriol for former Sen. Panfilo Lacson whom she described as “cunning and scheming.”

    She said Lacson once gave her a dossier on then Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno whom Lacson wanted to replace.

    In his privileged speech last week Enrile called Santiago “deranged” for coming out with baseless accusations against him during a recent Blue ribbon hearing on the PDAF scam.

    Towards the end of her speech, Santiago challenged Enrile to a televised debate on the plunder charge against him, including his illegal and immoral use of the Senate President’s discretionary fund to distribute nearly P2 million as Christmas bonus last year to favored senators.

    “No matter how devilish his power and no matter how fabulous his ill-gotten wealth, I refuse to be coerced by Enrile! Justice should be done, though the heavens fall. I am fortified by my faith,” she added.

    After Santiago left the session hall, Enrile said his colleague’s performance confirmed what he thought of Santiago’s mental health.

    “I thought she was going to answer them point by point but she did not because everything I said is covered by evidence,” he added.


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    1. joebert banderas on

      palagay ko may punto naman sa miriam,talaga naman yung mga corrupt na nagpapahirap sa bayan ay dapat mapaparusahan,kasi pag hindi lalo dumadami corrupt,dapat suportahan ng taong batan ang bumabatikos sa mga corrupt

    2. What is happening in the senate is a shame. It is being used like a cockpit. These
      senators (Santiago vs Enrile) are like rosters that fighting in the cockpit arena. These
      two senators were voted by the people and as such they must attend to their
      sworn duties as legislators and observe proper decorum. The senate is not their
      personal property wherein they can use it in airing their personal differences. The
      senate leadership should exercise its responsibility in maintaining order and not
      just watch in the sidelines. Being senators, they should set the example for young
      people to follow. People are not at all amused of what they are doing especially
      Santiago who no longer care about her words. Matatanda na sila at dapat
      mahiya naman sila. The senate leadership must stop this fighting. Both Santiago
      and Enrile are educated people, kaya dapat nilang irespeto naman and senate.
      Parang wala silang pinag-aralan at para na silang walang respeto sa mga tao.
      Shame on you.

    3. Senator Santiago’s Speech would have been an excellent opening statement for the prosecution. She listed the alleged crimes of Enrile. At times, she lost her cool and looked very unprofessional.
      She made some very valid points against Enrile. Particularly concerning her as a judge almost 30 years old. Yes, Enrile disregarded her judicial order about one year before the overthrow of the Dictator.
      She brings about the flip flop about the supposed attack on his car in 1972. Marcos’ used this and others to impose martial law. In 1986 EDSA Revolution, he said that the attack was staged. In a 2013 ANC Interview, he says clearly that the attack was real. He can’t be believed.
      I am a detractor of Enrile, but her attack on his marriage was UNACCEPTABLE. Her attack on his personal life was at least bad taste and NONE OF HER D@@N Business! Stay with her valid points in his official capacity and alleged criminal activity and stay out of his personal life!

    4. Nakakasuka si Miriam. Luckily, I already finished my dinner when she spoke, otherwise, I would have thrown up!

    5. Apolonio Reyes on

      Sana tapos na itong Zarzuela sa SENADO nitong dalawa pagka’t tuwing sila magsasalita sa senado ay BULSA natin ang TINATAMAAN. Gaya ng sinabi ni Enrile wala ng asim si Mirriam pagka’t alam naman ng lahat na PAKSIW na GALONG-GONG ang favorite ni Enrile at si Mirriam naman ay ayaw ng lumapit kay Enrile pagka’t baka kalabitin sya at sabihin “Hello, okay ka ba?” at magastos ito..
      The senate should ban all talks not in relation to their works or investigation in aide of legislation “kono?” as we spend thousand of pesos every time these people OPEN THEIR MOUTH, even if NONSENSE.

    6. In the end, its the poor people of the Philippines that suffer. If there is truth in what these two guys is saying and each has evidence to support what each claims, why don’t they go to court and settle the matter there. Probably because each one does not trust the justice system even though each is a good lawyer (at least that’s what each wants to believe).

    7. it is all baloney when she said that their professor was telling them at that time that you don’t need to be on top of your bar explain all you need is a passing grade, now we know who she is, thinking that a veery smart person but not anymore

    8. ay naku. the two brightest minds of the senate resorts to name calling. tama nga, we evolve from child to adult to child.