Some 3,000 residents take refuge at the Delpan Gymnasium after a 10-hour fire that hit the Parola area of Manila’s Tondo district on Tuesday night. Authorities said 1,200 homes were burned in 10 villages. Firemen had difficulty containing the fire because of narrow streets. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA


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    1. The Country needs Govt officials especially Politicians and Police be randomly audited to see if they can explain their wealth. They also should do random Polygraph tests on all Govt employed including Politicians to look for corruption.. There should be more focus on jobs and an employment tax instead of Import taxes to keep Country alive as it just keeps out investors. Balikbyan box fees should be cut as it helps the People and not the rich, they also need to cut out taxes for Agriculture machinery and seed so the Farmers of the Philippines can get out of the 16th century plus make it so nobody is hungry by supplying much more food through todays equipment and Ag products. The Rich and the Corruption has kept the People down and poor too long in this Country