• Fire NIA director ASAP



    Here’s one government official who refuses to heed Pnoy’s call to travel the “tuwid na daan”.

    Region 11 National Irrigation Administrarion (NIA)Director Modesto Membreve was all over the newspapers Monday following a very serious complaint from a contractor.
    Based on the news reports, Membreve asked P3.5 million from a contractor, William Chu, as his commission from an irrigation project in Davao, and he wanted it in advance

    The poor contractor had to scrounge for cash here in Manila so he could give Membreve the amount or he wouldn’t be awarded the contract. The total cost of the contract is P40 million.

    But a few days after the cash was delivered, Mr. Chu was informed that the project was given to someone else.

    This is not the first time the official got himself in hot water. Last year, a lawmaker asked Malacanang that Membreve be removed from the Caraga region. But that’s another story.

    A friend told me yesterday that Membreve has returned the money for fear he might be sacked.

    Sources at NIA office inform us that Membreve is eyeing the position to be vacated by Administrator Tony Nangel when he retires in August.

    For heavens sake…anybody but Membreve for that post!!!!!

    This nincompoop has a string of complaints from contractors who were forced to make cash advance payments or they wouldn’t win the awards.

    Now, if thats not corruption, I don’t know is.

    Paging NIA Administrator Nangel and Agriculture Secretary Procy Alcala!



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