Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle baptizes a child as he leads the baptism of 400 children from poor families at the Manila Cathedral on Saturday. The children were beneficiaries of the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA


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  1. “Tale of Two Relationships”

    “Imagine the President of a company meeting with his staff in a boardroom. They are discussing a multi million dollar project.

    At the peak of the meeting, the President’s 4 years old granddaughter would gate crash the boardroom. The grandpa who is the president would stop the meeting, welcomes and embraces the child with gladness. He carried her and sat her on his lap at his chair.”

    There are two relationships on the story:

    The “staff” relationship is:
    -Serves out of fear
    -Performs because of obligation
    -Motivated by raise and career advancement

    The “granddaughter” relationship:
    -Motivated by love
    -Knows the (grand)Father so well
    -His very presence satisfies

    I realized that I am not a Christian by the ritual performed on me or rituals I so religiously perform on my adult life.

    Same thing that if I am born in a garage; it does not make me a car.

    But I am Christian by what is inside of me. Whom I accepted in me heart to be my Lord and Savior.

    I believe that the happiest and most joyous people on earth are those who knew Jesus Christ and with a genuine relationship with Him.

    They experiences heaven while on earth.

    They can have problems, but their security does not come from the world.

    Truly, they are seated at the Father’s lap.

    1 John 4:15 If anyone confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God resides in him and he in God.

    A Jesus filled week to all.