• First Delhi gang-rape verdict deferred to July 25


    NEW DELHI: A New Delhi court trying a teenager over a fatal gang-rape in December that shocked India deferred on Thursday announcing the first verdict in the case, lawyers said.

    A juveniles’ court has finished hearing the case of the youngest suspect, aged 17 at the time of the assault on a moving bus, and had been widely expected to announce a verdict on Thursday.

    “The court has completed the hearing. The order has been deferred to 25th of July,” public prosecutor Madhav Khurana told reporters who had massed outside the court.

    The crime, which saw the 23-year-old student victim die of internal injuries inflicted during the attack, generated widespread anger about endemic sex crime in India to the boil.

    Several weeks of sometimes violent protests pushed parliament to pass a new law toughening sentences for rapists, while a round of public soul-searching sought answers to the rising tide of violence against women.

    The victim’s family had called for him to be tried as an adult, alongside five men initially arrested over the assault on December 16 who face the death penalty.

    The trial of the adult suspects—one of whom died while in jail from a suspected suicide in March—continues in a separate court but is expected to wrap up in the next few months.



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