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  1. Propaganda Boy on

    PFEM’s achievements and presidential decrees are part of Marcos Legacy.

    Nazism was the soul of Marcos, the ideology against Communism and Anti-Semites.

    Would you know how it is like to be ruled under martial law?
    Look at North Korea, disciplined, peaceful, and obedient people. The newspapers and TV only pure voice of the government. So impressed that people believe in government. They do not know that they are left out of civilization.
    However, despite discipline, there is rigid and barbaric law and oppression and tyranny. The important thing that you know me.

    Loyalists would remember progress of Marcos’ tyranny and oppression against communism

  2. Revisionism? Masses are just only telling what they really experienced during PFEM Administration. Unlike the mainstream media, we should thank the social media that the Yellows could not control for balancing those yellows’ allegations, gossips, fishmongering, etc. bcoz people could see physical evidences of PFEM’s achievement na wala sa nagbibintang sa kanya.

  3. Revisionism or it is the truth. Marcos left a legacy of progressive country. Yes, there are “victims” of ML but who are they really? The small minority and followers of the left that were brain washed out of the truth. I wonder if Marcos continued to rule, perhaps the Philippines is now the most progressive country in Asia, because back in Marcos years, there was this thing you called DISCIPLINE and Rule of Law.