First the Church, now the media: Will Duterte make it?


MANY Filipinos genuinely want to see President-elect Rodrigo Duterte succeed, if only for the nation’s sake. But they are deeply and genuinely saddened. Many others are mortally afraid. The question they are asking is this: What’s happening to the person of our incoming President? Is he going to self-destruct even before he takes off? They aren’t even talking of his “program of government” yet.

First, he wanted to bring down the Roman Catholic Church; now he wants to bring down the media. Does he need either of these institutions to be his enemy?

Two recent incidents stand out. These are but “small” incidents. They involve a question of manners more than anything else. Nobody was killed, and nobody was raped. But from what’s appearing in the mainstream and social media, things could not have been much worse if there had been an actual murder or rape.

Murder of journalists
The first incident revolves around the unsolved murder of journalists. The second raises the issue of sexual harassment. In both cases, Mr. Duterte is seen holding the shorter end of the stick.

Having promised to kill all criminals, Mr. Duterte was asked in a news conference how he would stop the unsolved killing of mediamen, which had grown exponentially during B.S. Aquino 3rd’s six years in office. His answer knocked the living daylights out of his audience.

“Just because you’re a journalist, you are not exempted from assassination, if you are a son of a bitch,” he said.

The strongest message that screamed out of that statement was that the journalists who had been killed were all “sons of bitches” and deserved to be killed. Relatives and friends of victims were outraged by the remark, but the President-elect will not apologize. Salvador Panelo, his bejeweled spokesman, said he will apologize only if he did something wrong, but since he has done nothing wrong, the question does not arise.

Statement of support
The Manila Times ran a strong editorial “in defense of the honor of slain journalists.” Journalists had been killed not necessarily because they were corrupt or abusive, the Times pointed out, but often “because they courageously reported the truth.” This column supports that statement.

At his Thursday news conference Duterte pressed his case against the alleged “sons of bitches.” He said he was ready to name journalists who had received bribes and favors from politicians, and had acted as their mouthpieces.

“You know, guys, you think too much of yourselves… You want (to have) your cake and eat it too,” he said. “If worse comes to worse, we’ll expose each other. I am ready to lose the presidency now. Or my honor, or my life. Just don’t f*** with me.”

Just drunk?
No drunk could have said anything like it without saying sorry after he sobered up. But this was no less than our President-elect who in a few days would take his solemn oath to “faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man and consecrate myself to the service of the Nation, so help me God.”

Endorsing assassination
The statement did not simply “encourage impunity,” as the Center for International Law, Inc. put it. Much more than that, it endorsed “assassination” as a legitimate and legal means of settling grievances or neutralizing suspected criminals. Thus, in Cebu City, a P50,000 bounty per head is said to have been put up for the extra-judicial killing of suspected drug traffickers, while some police chiefs elsewhere are hunting down suspects with no other intent than to kill them and earn points from Malacañang.

If extra-judicial killing has become the norm, who will stand against it unless prepared to become the objects of extra-judicial killing themselves? Who will dare speak out, after almost all the members of Aquino’s ruling party have migrated to Duterte’s PDP-Laban like European refugees boarding the last boat to cross the Mediterranean? And after some murdered journalists had been called “sons of bitches” who deserved to die?

How did we ever get there?
After the last nitwit has ruined our lives for six years, we were hoping our next leader would lead us to a “sunnier upland,” where we could deal justly and humanely with everyone. Instead, he appears to have chosen to lead us back to the depth of the jungle, where the most brutal creature claims the right to rule.

Sexual harassment
In his news conference, things got more complicated when Mr. Duterte interrupted a question from GMA-7 reporter Mariz Umali and suggested, rather playfully, that she was trying to catch his attention. He then let out a wolf whistle and broke into song. This elicited amused laughter from the conference.

It was completely out of place, and made the reporter completely uncomfortable. Had the offender been somebody else, GABRIELA and Mr. Duterte’s other rabidly feminist allies would have instantly denounced it as sexual harassment, which is punishable under the law and under a Davao City ordinance. But they have remained silent until now. Umali’s offended husband quickly denounced it on Facebook, but spokesman Panelo was quicker to absolve his boss of any censurable offense.

Panelo said his macho boss had paid the female TV reporter a “compliment” and she should have been honored and thankful for it. How ungrateful!

Taking on media
The Philippine Star reported Duterte’s outburst under the banner headline, “Duterte takes on media.” Some individual journalists have since weighed in, and the issues are now joined. No headline will say, “The media takes on Duterte,” but we can be sure there will be no “honeymoon period” between Duterte and the press.

By tradition, the mass media and the public try to ignore a new administration’s most obvious booboos during its first few months in office. But because of Duterte’s much-resented remarks, this period may be considered to have already lapsed.

Of course Duterte could take his case to a higher level by putting the media under authoritarian control. The lure of non-accountable power could prove irresistible, and unless we are misreading the signs, he could already be heading in that direction. But the fate of those who ever rode the tiger has been constant and unchanging; they never survive the tiger.

A costly delusion
Just as it is a serious mistake for the incoming President to try to take on the 2,000-year-old Roman Catholic Church, without any provocation, it would be a grave mistake for him to try to take on the mass media in the hope of bringing down the institution, also without provocation. That would be an extremely costly delusion.

I write from experience.

As press secretary, information minister, presidential spokesman and speechwriter all rolled into one, I ran the information sector of the Marcos government for 10 years. Martial law, which Marcos had declared to turn back the communist insurgency, which appears to have won four Cabinet posts under Mr. Duterte, had temporarily disabled the freewheeling Philippine press owned by the old oligarchy. But led by The New York Times, The Times of London, and all the major US, British and European TV networks, the international media came in to fill the void and hold the government accountable to a much more politically demanding international public.

The role of the world press
I dealt with hundreds of correspondents from all over the world on a daily basis, and saw the kind of pressure exerted by high-powered media deputations, individual newspapers, radio and television networks not even known to most Filipinos. It was this unrelenting pressure, more than that which was coming from official diplomatic sources, that ultimately led Marcos to call for a special snap presidential election in Feb. 1986—which would ultimately lead to his ouster by the US- and civilian-backed military mutiny called the EDSA revolt. Read all about it, from an official American perspective, in Turmoil and Triumph: My Years as Secretary of State by George Shultz.

Despite his undiminished close personal friendship with US President Reagan, who supported him to the very end, Marcos had become, at this time, an “unpredictable ally” as far as the State Department and the Pentagon were concerned, mainly because of the hardening of his position on the military bases. Although he had fought side by side with the Americans against the Japanese in the last war, and was America’s staunchest ally throughout his presidency, Marcos had followed a consistently pro-Philippines and pro-Asia line with respect to the bases at Clark and Subic.

The role of the bases
A year after his first election in 1965, he sought to cut short the term of the 1947 US-Philippine Military Bases Agreement from 99 years ending in 2046, to the next 25 years ending in 1991. While seeking the return of base lands which the US forces no longer needed, Marcos insisted that the bases be called no longer “US military bases” but “Philippine bases,” under the command of a Filipino military commander, with the Philippine flag flying singly over them, except for the buildings where the US forces were quartered.

Finally, Marcos proposed that the agreement’s “rent-free” provision be reinterpreted, to allow for some form of rent. The US agreed to provide an Economic Support Fund, but recriminations eventually arose when Foreign Secretary Carlos P. Romulo, in talks with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, asked for a substantial rent increase. As the 1991 termination date approached, the US felt a need to negotiate an extension, but Marcos gave no indication he was prepared for it.

Unpredictable ally
He had become so “unpredictable,” complained Ambassador Stephen Bosworth in private, “that if he had but one dark suit to his name inside his closet and he was invited to a strictly ‘dark suit’ dinner, you could not be sure he would wear his one dark suit.” That was a very serious problem to the US.

Meanwhile, the assassination of opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr. on Aug. 21, 1983 had put his widow, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, in the active ranks of the opposition. Although she had become part of the group of Sen. Lorenzo Tanada, Jose Wright Diokno, Chino Roces, and Jimmy Ongpin, which publicly demanded the immediate removal of the bases, she had privately intimated that she was prepared to change her anti-bases stance at the proper time.

But how to persuade Marcos to agree to a transition was the real problem. Despite the shuttle of high-level US emissaries between Washington and Malacañang, neither State nor the Pentagon seemed to be breaking through. It was ultimately the media that did.

How the media did it
In Nov. 1985, Marcos appeared on “This Week with David Brinkley” on ABC. Taunted about his allegedly declining popularity, Marcos responded by challenging the opposition to a snap presidential election in which he would run against anybody. This was five years after I had left the Cabinet, and joined the opposition; the National Unification Committee, of which I was a member, picked Cory Aquino as our candidate. She lost as expected, but the EDSA uprising ousted Marcos, and installed Cory as revolutionary President.

Contrary to the well-propagated myth, Marcos did not fall because of corruption. He became corrupt because—and after—he fell. Much of this was the work of media. Once he was out of power, the international media had no let up accusing him of corruption. Anti-Marcos books rolled out of the assembly line from foreigners who knew nothing about Marcos or the Philippines.

Then as now, the media claimed the right to judge. But never did they hear the President call anyone of them a son of a bitch who deserved to get killed, or subject any female reporter to any ordeal on the excuse that he was but paying her a very high “compliment.”


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  1. Joshua Schneider on

    Mr. Tatad, perhaps you can take hope from one of Russia’s most vitriolic critics.

    “For a country to have a great writer is like having a second government. That is why no regime has ever loved great writers, only minor one”.

    Aleksander Solzhenitsyn

  2. kung akala mo tama ka at mali si digong eh di subukan mo at ng makuha mo ang gusto mo. ikaw tatad kasi hilaw ka man na alagad ng Diyos, masanay na kayo mga Opus Dei na di sa lahat ng oras astig ang church.

  3. Andrew Bernard on

    Catholic Church and News Media, who needs them? They put negativity on all good things that Duterte administration desires to happen. They are now irrelevant. Social Media is the new MEDIA.

  4. Daniel B. Laurente on

    I don’t think President Digong is trying to put down the institution. He was exposing the fallacies of this so called righteous institution. They have also rotten members so to speak. Who will do cleaning up of this institutions? They have the right to distort, twist the words of anybody out of context so they can extract a lot of profits from the reading public. Is it morally correct? They have the penchant of putting their nose on others but their on backyard but they never do it. They have the power to tarnish the image of one person because they have a cover of freedon of expression, is it right. Freedon of expression is the expression of telling the truth not peddling lies to ruin a person.

  5. Rolly Untalan on

    His macho image and if can walk his talk. Good thing we have a Succession in placed.

  6. Of course he will make it. All those past administration you hve served under had brought nothing but shame and the Philippines coming to what it is right now. Truth hurts, specially for such hypocrites as the church and media. Can you in all honesty , as a Catholic and a media practitioner say that Philippine media is not corrupt? That journalists in the Philippines are clean and blemish free?Like you said, ypu worked in the palace before, you KNOW how it works. How the Malacanang press corps and other journos troop to the palace when damage control is needed. Digong is just calling it for what it is. There are a FEW good men and women journalists in this country, and I respect them for that. Same thing President Duterte acknowledged. But the majority? Tsk tsk tsk….You KNOW and we all KNOW. Sablay is the only word I can use. It is so easy to fingerpoint and look for what is wrong with others. The most difficult thing to do is looking at oneself in the mirror.

    • Granted that some Philippine journalists are corrupt. But, assassinating them to pay for their crime is not the just way under our rule of law. If you have evidence, sue them in court. If Duterte continues with his policy of extra-judicial killing, HE WON’T MAKE IT.

  7. George F Guillermo on

    President elect Duterte’s weakness is very “harsh” siyang magsalita pero his best strength is action or results na matagal nang hinihintay ng mga tao na mangyari inspite of many/past Presidents who looked very angelic with good manners outside especially with the help of media propaganda, but failed miserably because deep inside, they are corrupt at “lasing” sa kapangyarihan. Walang resulta, bagkus lalong naghihirap ang mga tao at ang bansa.

    Worse, paatras pa ang nangyayari kasi dapat ang mga magagaling, best trained, best educated, most intelligent OR BEST AMONG THE BEST ang pagpipilian ng tao, but also they were/are the most corrupt which have been collectively tolerated (or maybe thru negligence by Spiritual leaders and by the Media). It is very ironic at this advance age of science, technology, education etc, walang “pinakamagaling or best among the best na dapat sana pagpilian ng mga tao na maging political leaders nila maliban kina Mayor Duterte, VP Binay, etc.

    But please be reminded that Mayor Duterte is a “product” or “consequence” of the bigger political, socio-economic, cultural and spiritual environment. The Church and media are the most influential group/institutions that help create such bigger “environment”. The Church (should help develop GOD fearing, humble & loving Christians) and the media (influence/advocates building up of good, humble character, discourage/expose corrupt practices, promote good works/governance etc thru objective reporting/writings and thru drama/movies, advertisements. The present society that we have including the kind of leaders we choose is reflective of the kind of Church (Spiritual leaders) and media (remember VP Binay from the most popular to the lowest & Cong. Robredo from the lowest to the most popular) we have in the country.

    In summary, nagsalita o nagdesisyon na ng bayan na c Mayor Duterte ang Presidente kasi gusto nila ang tunay na pagbabago. Kasama na yan ang pagbabago sa lahat ng sector ng lipunan, which fortunately or unfortunately including the Church and the media. Deep inside, we don’t only want but we need change for the better to bring out the best of the Filipinos. As Christians, we have the ability and capacity to be GOD fearing, humble, kind, loving individuals as we are all created in the likeness/image of GOD (Gen 1:27). The Church, thru the Spiritual leaders should and must sincerely and courageously (by GODs Grace) lead us in building such Christian/Christlike character in us. Media on the other hand should and must police its ranks towards “Responsible Journalism” which they can and should do as they are likewise “Christians”.

    Presidential elect Duterte’s role is to lead, inspire and all for us to see/know that there is need of change o “pagbabago” for the better, in the Church and the Media among others in the Philippine society. May GOD Bless Us…!

  8. Mr. Tatad, you still have my respect but are you a member of Yellow Media? If not, why so defensive and feeling guilty?

  9. The attention should go to corrupt politicians who are sons of bitches…to corrupt civil servants who are also sons of bitches and to all sons and daughters of bitches who are equally corrupt…

    Duterte’s statement veered away the attention of the media – from his family to the journalists themselves…:)


    It was clearly a friendly banter (Levity Effect)

    Why so GENDER sensitive now?
    Babae lang ba nababastos, catcall, o pwede magreklamo sexual harrassment, verbal or physical abuse, nasasaktan at naloloko sa relasyon?

    Life is NOT a Fairytale
    So, don’t expect every male (boy/ man) is a “Prince Charming in a white horse!” – gentleman, well educated, very refine with good manners & right conduct. Mind you, not all Female dislike a bad boy image, in fact being too decent is a turn-off, too boring, very predictable, not exciting, weak/soft, nerdy, etc.

    Maginoo pero medyo Bastos

    Please understanding people have differences in belief/faith, environment, upbringing, education, character, personality, etc.

    2011 Ranking: No. 8 (Score: 76.9%)
    Best Countries For Women

    The World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2011 is the sixth annual ranking of 135 countries by gender equality. Using measures of women’s economic participation and opportunity, access to education, health and survival rates and political empowerment, the following 20 countries are the most equal–and therefore, the best for women.

  11. “Our Media has a social responsibility to make Philippines/World a better place by promoting/influence an intellect society and leave a positive impact on our people. And not just receive kickback from politicians/businessmen to discredit someone, or pursue profit from news maker at the expense of making our people dumb or brainwashed.” Dale Gozar

    “Power of the pen no longer resides in the hands of the few. Media is a thing of the past. Their world is shrinking, their ship is sinking. Because they have abandoned their duty to report the unbiased truth they have lost all credibility. They can no longer topple governments, or make kings, that power now lies in the people themselves.” – Charlie Curilan

    SOCIAL MEDIA Battlefield

    Conditions before (EDSA Revolution) are very different from today because Internet was not available in the 80’s. BRAINWASHING, DUMBING or conditioning the mind of our people was easy, the Aquino/Cojuangco (Oligarchy) need only to invest on the following

    1. Media such T.V. Radio, Newspaper, tabloid – (c/o Lopez ABS-CBN, GMA, )

    2. Showbiz Celebrities (c/o, TVJ, APO, Ogie, Kris,

    3. Religion (c./o Cardinal Sin)

    Now with the advent of Internet (World Wide Web) or digital world and smartphones, our Media/Religion no longer have that monopoly. Informations are readily available, sharing of ideas is easy/fast and distinguishing truths/facts from lies/propaganda is now possible. And nobody has full control of Social Media because it’s impossible to pay everyone on the Net.

    Filipinos are the text/social media/selfie capital in the world.

    “Give me 10,000 Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world”
    – Gen. Douglas MacArthur

    Give me 100 Filipino Keyboard Warrior and will I conquer and change Philippine Politics.

    “The Future of political warfare will take place online.
    I therefore urge you to fight back against social evils, using your wits and with your words.
    Be the tides that will cleanse the Philippines of the corrupt and the useless”. – Miriam Defensor Santiago.

  12. Let us admit it, the media and the Roman Catholic Church are part of the in tbe Philippine Society. Let us give Duterte the benefit of the doubt. No one can deny that the media and the RCC are corrupt!

  13. James Mcpherson on

    We, and you, get what you tolerate. The people wanted this tyrant to be President, so now you got him and all his baggage. He has shown that he has no business leading a cub scout pack much less a nation. The items shown in this article clearly show you are headed for trouble with the D Man. The show has only just begun.

    • cleansing a corrupt system with corrupt politics,
      corrupt journalist and even corrupt/bias priets is really trouble..

      if better change means trouble, i wouldn’t mind

  14. May observation is nag react lang naman si elect president Du30 sa mga batikos sa kanya ng church at media. It so happened that they were caught unaware of the combative reaction of the president elect. Ibang iba at hindi pankaraniwan ang kanyang reactions. I think everyone should stop making comments about Du30 in the meantime and wait until he officially take over as president. Let us see if he will really metamorphose into a new personally that will fit a president. Then after 100 days at saka na naman sya birahan.

  15. Tama naman si DUTERTE, dapat talaga i bull shit ang mga magawa niya ang tama sa bansa.Ikaw ,tatad, bayaran ka alam mo yan..Ayaw mo ng pagbabago.Hayaan mos iya kung sa palagay mo ay bastos iyo lang sa media ang may ganong isipan..Pranka lang si Presidente Duterte,,Hintayin mo na lang after June 30…panay batikos kayo..SHUT UP!

    • Iba ang prangka sa bastos. Isipin mo muna sandali kung ano ang kaibahan at tumahimik ka kapag naisip mo na. Ang mali, binabatikos talaga. Huwag kang maging bulag na fan ng idolo mo. Mag-isip ka rin.

  16. Kapitan Kidlat on

    The church and the media has done nothing to improve the lives of the Filipino people.
    So who’s next?…..haay Tatad kahit kalian tanga ka!!!!…..the filthy rich and the crook famous is next…

    • You obviously know nothing of what you speak. Kindly do more research on the role of the Church and its charity work all over the world, as well as what good journalism has done for freedom and democracy all over the world.

  17. D30 is just sincere in exposing the corruption of the media, there are many members of the media that are on the take, thats a reality, remember those media personnel wjo keeps on attacking pero pag sinuhulan na ceasefire na. I am no d30 fan pero i think he is right in his opinion wag lng yun dapat patayin ung member of the media afterall they still deserve due process.

  18. He never bring down the Catholic Church where I am part of nor the Media, its them who bring the institution down. We have a great democracy but this is being exploited. I am a Roman Catholic and I believe in a separation of church and the state.

    • Kindly do research on the true meaning and the history of the term “separation of the Church and State”, which, incidentally is not to be found in any known Constitution- not in the Philippines nor in the U.S.

  19. mallory grace anne on

    I think the headline should be . “will the church and the media make it.”
    At the end of the day, both institutions are infallable. Lahat tayo tao lang and makasalanan. The church will be exposed of their misgivings and misdoings. The media too. Lets face it, most journalist are still employees of tv stations, print et al. If wala kayo news materials, wala din kayo advertisers. The truth may hurt pero yung
    mga SAKIT NG LOOB NIYO AT TINIRA KAYO equates to less advertisers. Your employers are in there for business, not to caress you when you are hurt. Truth.

    • Uhm, you only approve of media, blogs who write stuff in favor of Duterte, otherwise, you call them corrupted, biased. Looks like you use “selective” approval or disapproval which is not the fault of a truly free media, a free democratic society, but more to your short sightedness, outright hypocrisy, ignorance or all of the above.

  20. Mga_imbento on

    sabi ni raffy tulfo sa program nya kanina na dapat daw tumanggap daw ng critizism mga media kasi tao lang sila at nagkakamali at the same time na kung ang media mahilig mang puna eh dapat kaya din tumanggap ng pagpuna din… well nakakatawa lang to kasi nung pumalag si Pnoy sa media eh nag uumapaw sa galit si tulfo na kulang nalang barilin nya ito.. BIAS naman mga media gaya ni tulfo.. since favorite nya si Digong kya hindi nya ito titirahin.

    Take note po, gaya ng mga pulis, militar at maging politiko… mayroon pa din mabubuti sa kanila ganun din sa media. kaso mas madami lang talaga masasama

  21. yun pong pakiusap ni senator cayetano na unawain na lang ng bansa ang “paglalambing” ni “mayor” ay kayang-kayang maintindihan dito sa ating teritoryo. Ang problema, bilang “mayor” na presidente, ang audience nya ay ang multilateral world: bawat salita at comma ay tinitimbang kung ito ay simpleng “bad taste” o paghahamon talaga. Kapag natimbang na kulang, ang kasunod ay pagpapatigil ng trade agreement, suspension ng subsidy, paghugot ng mga diplomats, etc. Kahit nasa “home base” si “mayor”, hindi dapat siguro malimutan na marami tayong mga kababayan sa abroad. Hindi tayo kasing-laki ni Goliath na maico-consider ang ating pakiusap sa malalaking bansa na unawain na lang natin ang ganitong “paglalambing” ni “Mayor.

    • para sa akin hindi paglalambing ang mga salita ni Duterte ito ay malaking kabastusan at pagka walang galang sa mga ordinaryong Filipino at ang mga hunghang na nagbow lang sa kanya ay maling mali at nagbibigay ng lakas loob ni Duterte na mambastos kahit kanino man.

    • Hindi paglalambing ang kabastusan. Hindi maitatago ni President-elect Duterte na siya ay sangganong mag-isip. Pang-Mayor lang siya talaga at hindi nababagay maging Presidente. Nakakahiya siya.

    • Did anybody of you wonder why he is talking and acting like that ? He knows it is not pleasant to hear. Maybe this guy is a very good actor trying to get all the undesirables like him and vote for him. Maybe just maybe with the Grace of the Almighty God, that he is a good person after all. He will be our president for 6 years whether we like it or not.

  22. it is only you tatad and those who did not vote for duterte that is saying that pres duterte will self destruct and will not succeed. we voters of duterte trust in his leadership and management.

    si abnoy aquino na nagmumura at pinahiya ang mga journalists at mga government workers = head ng pag-asa before as an example, hindi ninyo dinondena. inggit lang siguro kayo na si duterte ay naging presidente.

    wala ng maniwala sa iyo tatad sapagkat ikaw ay mouthpiece ni marcos noon.

  23. Well said and need to be done Mr.Tatad.This will make the so called plan-B to install Leni Robredo after Duterte self destruct a pleasing reality. Despite a landslide win majority of filipinos did not vote for Digong but wish him well to govern for the sake of the nation.You know too well how Marcos and Erap destroyed themselves when they became the the enemy of the media. Wait till uncle Sam begins denouncing him as enemy of US interest!

    • I hope for the sake of the country Duterte will focus on improving the lives of the Filipinos instead of issuing foul language left and right. The rest of the people who did not vote for this guy has been vindicated.

  24. Of course he will make it. Media will loose because digong is only stating the facts. Except for a few cases, most media killings result from a media man’s attack on a person’s dignity. The problem with philippine media is how they handle their expose. In other countries,media exposes shenanigans without resorting personal attacks. Pinoy media are arrogant to the extent of calling person names. Where in the world does a columnist call a person frankentein monster,Only in the philippines.

  25. Rio Legaspi on

    Criminals are a small minority in any semicivilized society, BUT the protection and enforcement of contracts through court of civil law is the most crucial need of a peaceful society: without such protection, no civilization could be developed or maintained.

    The proper function of a government falls into three broad categories, all of them involving the issues of physical force and the protection of human’s rights. The police, to protect men from criminals, the armed services to protect men from foreign invaders, the law courts to settle disputes among men according to objective laws.

    That is all according to Ayn Rand the objectivist in which nobody in the country knows this kind of philosophy. 16.6 million is not a majority.

    • Remember 16.6 million is heck of a lot of voters. Each of them have their reason to vote for Duterte. Most voters I interviewed see themselves in the mirror like Duterte but they do not have the guts of a Duterte. Also, the voters are a broad range from the very poor to the rich voters. My prayer is for Duterte to succeed for our nations sake. One thing I do not like, for our nation to implode because there are forces that are against Duterte.

  26. I believe in DU30’s fatalism. He can die anytime with no regrets. Everything that happens will be God’s will. Just as what the future holds for the corrupt will be His will.

  27. Duterte’s mind,body and soul is corrupt, he is corrupt, ask Trillanes also corrupt senator they belong to devil duo of the Philippines, in Duterte.’s they should be killed, the Filipino people reacted to his idiotic words “you should be the first to be killed!” This up coming president has no boundaries of anything he is surrounded by devil spirits which I believe he is a son of a satan which you can see him alive but his followers praised him why? because they think previous President’s has done nothing for the good of the Filipinos, they wanted radical change, they think he is a savior to all our problems but he himself is a problem he better commit suicide alone than expecting betterment for him.Duterte save your sins, its time for you to show the world if you really are not fearing to anyone except satan hold a gun and shoot yourself now before our country will collapse!

    • In Jesus Name begone Satan. Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven. give Us this Day Our Daily Bread And Forgive our Trespasses As We Forgive Those Who TrespassAgainst Us And Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us from evil Amen.
      Lord I Pray to illumine the mind of the Filipino people. Bless President Duterte so he could lead us towards the right path, in accordance to thy will. Bless also the people who are against him, and fill them with your Holy Spirit so that they will support President Duterte and the country. Help our country, obtain peace, love, and understanding among ourselves. Above all, fill President Duterte with your Holy Spirit to guide our nation and protect him from evil, through Christ our Lord Amen.

    • I hope what you are saying will not happen. There will be turmoil in the streets. A lot of Pilipinos voted for him , let him rule.

  28. We – the masses, the Filipino people – just want the truth. We are tired of being manipulated. For many years we’ve endured the tyranny of the oligarchs, making us believe that Marcos was a dictator. Thank heavens, there is now the internet and social media where people can now search for real truths.

    • Hi, Xander, how old are you? I was born before the Marcos years and have experienced for myself how hard they were for the Filipinos. I pray that we do not go through a similar period ever again. The internet is not the place to look for the truth.

  29. No doubt that you are a survivor of those oligarch and the said marcos dictatorial but let me ask you. Have you done anything good for the country? You did a lot of talking and writing but stop there. Now we are sent by God with an exactor to level the evil being done by evil rulers will definitely a sacrificial feat. I believe that cleaning our society need a stout and brave leader who can break tha horns of satan. YOU CANNOT PRETEND LIKE THE REST WHO HELD ONCE THE CHANCE TO CUT THE VILE OF EVIL BUT YOU DID NOT. MARCOS DID BUT ACCUSED THE SAME WAY BUT SATANIC PEOPLE THAT PRETEND ANGELS AND RIGHTEOUS IN YOUR LIKE had prevailed. If anyone would want to clean the over the lid satanic forces, can you be silent and gentle ? Will you not be a triumphant warrior to defeat evil forces? Unless you are one of them it is definite that if they are not your enemy THEN THEY ARE YOUR FRIEND HOW WILL SATAN KILL SATAN?

  30. Junie DeLabo on

    This person must really think he is God’s gift to Filipinos. He has forgotten that barely 39% of voters voted for him and that more than 60% DID NOT !!! Instead of inviting the greater majority who are skeptical of him, what he does is to further ANTAGONIZE people with foul-mouthed language and threats of violence.

    He should put it in his mind that he is the president of all FILIPINOS, not only of the INK or Quiboloy, even if most Filipinos did not vote for him. He is behaving like a juvenile brat with an outlook so parochial and barriotic. God help this country.

    • Per Panfilo Lacson, he knows Duterte for 6 plus years. He usually talk to him in Davao. He said, very amazing, that the Duterte he knows is a humble, peace loving , down to earth person. Lacson was surprised by the enormous changed that happen to the persona of Duterte. Read Lacson article on Duterte. Is there a possibility that Duterte is just acting ? He won because of his rude character which the Pilipinos like. Maybe, just maybe , Lacson is right. Maybe he is a good no trash talking guy after all

  31. Yes he will, God willing. But your evil mind will not. So stop asking you are not doing good for the country. You been in politics for so many years, yet you didnt even do anything to make this country alleviate from poverty instead you made it plunged. Now there is someone who is capable and not corrupt you are trying to hinder and antagonize. We dont deserve the kind of people like you.

    • Believe it or not dahil nananlong Presidente sa Pinas si Digong Duterte ay sige na lang ang daladal sa kadaladal niya dahil gusto niyang pumapel pumapapel talaga hindi niya alam o mag-isip mo na baga magdakdak e dahil sa kadakdakan niya marami palang naSASAK TAN.

    • Are you even aware of the standing of the Philippines now economy wise? Apparently, you need to do more research, Jeff.

  32. The question is when will the whole thing snap. It is like a rubber band. There is a tolerance level. The biggest to blame is the voters that was mesmerized by this guy. Mind you , it is not only the poor but the high middle class and the rich was enamored by this guy. There are many like him but they are living in the slum community. I am willing to bet that this is going to be an interesting action pack 6 years not like the Pnoy boring 6 years.