• First they came for Grace Poe…


    TO the anti-Aquino political camps indifferent (or silently celebrating) to the second division ruling on the disqualification of Senator Grace Poe, here is one piece of advice. Read Martin Niemoller famous tract on indifference and cowardice and relate it to Ms. Poe and what seems to be an overall plot by a certain party to win the 2016 elections at all cost. Perhaps, it would clear the cobwebs off your minds and see the naked truth behind the Comelec’s second division ruling.

    The naked truth? Google the “legal coup” scenario drawn earlier by lawyer Harry Roque. Then ask yourself this question. After Grace Poe, who will be next? I will fill in the blanks, borrowing from the German pastor who cringed at the cowardice of German intellectuals as the twisted plague of the Nazis was spreading over Germany.

    First, they came for Grace Poe via a disqualification ruling.

    Second, they jailed Jojo Binay on alleged corruption issues.

    Third, they schemed to take out Digong Duterte on some trumped-up charges

    The last piece was to demonize Miriam Santiago.

    Until, there is no one left but “The Annointed.”

    The Binay people, this is the hard truth, should not even silently celebrate the disqualification of Grace Poe. It emboldens the plotters. It is a portent of more dastardly schemes to come and Jojo Binay may be the next target. Just consider what happened to Junjun. The Duterte camp should not consider the Poe ruling as a manna from the Comelec’s second division. The administration, with its grip on the public and legal institutions, can hatch an anti-Duterte move without breaking a sweat and without a tug on the conscience. If the public and the opposition just let the Poe ruling pass, then picking out and demolishing the rest of the competitive opposition candidates would come next and would be relatively easier to execute.

    If you don’t believe this, here is some piece of contemporary political history.

    The release of the Special COA Audit Report right after the impeachment of former Chief Justice Renato Corona unraveled congressional pork barrel corruption that was unprecedented in the country’s political history. And the fallout was swift. Jailed were three political personalities – former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, and Senators Estrada and Revilla. There was a single thread to the three. They were prominent leaders of the opposition, with a top-tier status. Mr. Revilla was all set to run for president, Mr. Estrada for vice president. In the scheme of things, Mr. Enrile was supposed to act as the senior statesman and prime adviser to the opposition coalition that would contest the 2016 elections against the administration/LP forces.

    Ask yourself, what happened to the three? And why were the three singled out for jailing and silencing? And what makes Mr. Binay or Mr. Duterte safe from the scheming of these people?

    Lawyer Roque, who was tagged as a crackpot and an alarmist after expressing his views on the “legal coup” has provided a factual context on why the Aquino people would dare do it. The key word is “ desperation.” And the despair is over the static polling numbers of Mar Roxas, who is supposed to be the most credentialed presidential candidate and the spear carrier of the “Great One” – Mr. Aquino.

    Under the assumed scenario of the LP, everything would go well as soon as Mr. Roxas hits double figure in the polling. From say 12 to 15 percent, the next path would be a slim lead, then a commanding majority in the polling, according to the LP-drawn (or hoped-for) scenario.

    Mr. Roxas’ polling numbers indeed got a minor a “bump” after the Aquino endorsement, the LP’s media- focused search for a VP candidate and those stage-managed events hosted by business groups friendly to Aquino- Roxas.

    But then reality struck back with a vengeance. The latest NCR polling that showed Mr. Roxas as second to the last among the five presidential choices, and with the outsider Digong Duterte at first. The latest poll, shattered all LP illusions that Mr. Roxas is a competitive candidate. Mr. Duterte is running on the idea that Metro Manila’s outsized role has been damning and crippling the rest of the country. Yet, he is leading in Metro Manila. Mr. Duterte has promised to build more “funeral parlors” while Mr. Roxas has been promising “nation building.” Yet, the prospective voters were found tuned out to Mr. Roxas supposed statesmanship and Mr. Duterte’s tough-on-crime meme.

    So, as Mr. Roque feared, it is now Plan B. They first came for Grace Poe, who is tied in a three-way race for the presidency with Mr. Duterte and Mr. Binay.

    Mr. Binay and Mr. Duterte may now be in a cocoon of safety and confidence and we can presume that they are undisturbed by the legal action against Grace Poe. They are probably making this declaration : Who can touch us?

    The advice to them? Drop that confidence and read Martin Niemoller. First they came for Grace Poe. Then they will come for the two of you.


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    1. In these partisan blabber, one can be happy of the vibrant chatter as to who is the best, what coup plots are being done, the underlying presidential characters, and so forth, reminding us of the democracy gained.
      For those however who doesn’t know or forgot the dark days of Marcos dictatorship, there are a lot more to be thankful for, and the undue expectations arises from the lack of knowledge and value of these freedoms. Nobody understands these all than the son of Ninoy who suffered far beyond what we know in our comfortable “peaceful” lives during the Marcos dictatorship.
      For all your blabber, let us see whether the next president can do better…

    2. That’s the only viable scenario for mar to win. He doesn’t appeal to the people and he spent a lot of money on the campaign already so better for him to do the disqualification route.

    3. dapat tayong manindigan at magkaisa na sugpuin itong nasabing “legal coup” dahil itong “legal coup” ay nangangahulugan ng pagyurak sa karapatan ng ating mamayan na pumili ng gusto nating lider na totoong tutulong makaahon tayo sa kahirapan, korapsiyon sa gobyerno, kriminalidad at droga.

    4. Vic Penetrante on

      Surprise of surprises: “I have nothing to do with it!” PNoy declares and his parrot, Mars, repeats.

    5. Its par for the course in politics to get rid of rivals this way. Remember what GMA tried to do to FPJ, and what his haters tried to do to Erap in 2010? We should be thankful that Mar is not using a real live grenade to eliminate his rivals, similar to how his father Gerry and Jovy Salonga were practically eliminated from contention as Liberal Party presidentiables when Plaza Miranda was bombed in 1971. Remember that Marcos was accused by no less than the national hero Ninoy Aquino as the mastermind behind the bombing. Makes you wonder why these Cory Yellows don’t mention Plaza Miranda anymore, knowing how they love to remind people how evil Marcos was. If Mar is guilty as you or Harry Roque charge, so what?

    6. I prefer peace and order, respecting the law, keeping the interest rates low, keeping the investors in the Philippines. Its unwise to hype up people to be angry, the unrest will cause a lot of unemployment. A revolution will cause investors to pull-out.

      • Yolanda A. Acopio on

        I believe by hook or by crook Pinoy will do everything to make Mar Roxas win because he doesnt want to have the same faith as that of former Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo. Aside from other charges, DAP have been declared illegal…….

    7. laguatanlawzen.com on

      All these theories are, to my mind, not remote to happen. Remember PNOY is still in complete control of everything, funding, military, Comelec, Courts, the rubber stamp Congress – you name it, PNOY has it. Roxas is admittedly weak. He has no chance to win in 2016 election. To insure his election,by hook or by crook, PNOY has to double, or even triple his efforts to make Roxas win the Presidency so as to mitigate the possibility of going to jail after he steps down in June 2016. He has scores of accountabilities to the people due to his stupidity. Once PNOY has finally removed the political roadblocks, it will be smooth sailing for Roxas’s trip to Malacanang. So, all your theories are as good as mine. It’s like a guessing game?

    8. Do not eliminate GRACE POE guys, she will be the one to be the next commander i n chief .The masa loves her .the anointed one has poor rapport with the poor people .His name sticks as well as his job records.All he cares is his ambitions and his elitist friends and families.And by the way no way Jose to Dudirty THE BERDUGO ng Davao City ,we do not want the second coming of Martial Law ,he is the next dictator of the Philippines..We will not support the corrupt Binay AND sickly Miriam.

      • Rudy Duterte as a Dictator? You are having misconceptions about Duterte. Kung si grace mabait, si Duterte may malasakit sa kapwa, mas maganda sa lahat siya ay makatao.

    9. emmanuel mallari on

      i want to see the day the administration people go after duterte. surely, duterte will fight back at kapag nagmura si duterte baka pati si cory bumangon sa pagkakalibing at batukan si abnoy hahaha… truth be told…takot lang nilang gawin ka duterte yan…

    10. This Brief ( as in Pelican Brief ) has no garter of sort to speak of. A cabal scheme using the judicial system to benefit Mr. Mar to win the 2016 presedency sans any credible opponent is far fetched. There will be judges to rule on majority to make the scenario achievable and still there are so many untouchable, competent, righteous and God fearing personalities donning robes. If the Mar scheme succeedS, RP is no doubt a nation of money ruled judicial system. What is the need to study law and become a de campanilla when our judicial system is so rotten?

    11. I don’t like this scenario but somehow Atty Roque’s warning seem to hold true. Its not just that Roxas has no charisma, he is just plain incompetent, an ingrate, as insensitive as his boss, corrupt and more bad-mouth than Duterte. Obviously, I’m not a fan.

    12. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Only one to fear this coming election, the hocus-PCOS machine. Once in line, it will create a lot os confusion , followed by a failure of election, followed by a declaration of status quo with the term extension of P-NOY . All in the works by A BAD man and his colleagues in the HYATT 10. But, would the Filipino people allow this to happen? God bless the Philippines.

    13. The scenario described here is pure speculation. If these candidates fall, they’ll fall by their own sword. It’s their own doing. Grace Poe perjured herself by misstating her residency. There are legitimate questions on her residency, the claim of being “natural-born” which she hasn’t proved, and the question on renouncing her Filipino citizenship and swore allegiance to United States. This is all her doing, and she has no one to blame but herself. Your futile attempt at laying blame on LP is ludicrous.

      VP Binay, has to explain charges of corruption, plunder, he hasn’t answered. Evidence is so overwhelming the CA finds it prudent to sequester his assets.

      Duterte is full of bluster and bravado. But you can’t ignore his track record of doing wonders in Davao. People there are happy with his reign. Mar has an utmost regard for him, and wouldn’t pull dirty tricks on him. Not his style. People will have to decide if they want a foul-mouthed, womanizing leader.

    14. Well, there is legal basis for grace poe, that even outsiders of non-political affiliation will agree. As for binay, it has yet to be proven that he really amassed this much wealth because of corruption. They should have sued him way back when he ran for vice president. Why only now? As for Miriam, yes, she could be a good president even if often times condescending knowing that she is smart. Duterte has a proven track record that no politician has even gotten close to. Aquino can try to do damage to these candidates, but even if mar is the only one left with a not known candidate, mar does not have the charisma of even a fake politician. Nothing at all, nada, Zilts! Plus what track record can he boast of? Is it too late to file for a candidacy? I know of one person who cannot be moved from his basic principles of honesty and service but he is a very very poor man which in our society has not place. Not Mar, not him!

    15. Its hard to believe that there “seems to be an overall plot by a certain party to win the 2016 elections at all cos.” The statement alone is purely speculative with no evidence presented. Are you saying the Ombudman is controlled by the President. Are the senators actons or bringing charges against Binay for corruption also directe by the President. It seems that everythin is blamed on the President and Liberal Party. Nice story but no concrte evidence?

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Do they have concrete evidence against Binay except allegations of paid and corrupt people. God bless the Philippines.

      • Yes the ombudsman is controlled by PNoy! She has proven time and again that she is controlled by PNoy!

    16. Perhaps, It may be unfortunateis for Grace Poe, Binay and Duterte, because the administration have reasons to discredit them; Poe has questionable qualifications based on the Philippine Constitution; Binay has a lot to explain about ‘corruption’; and, Duterte maybe on human rights violations. Of course, it is not right’ for one is rooting for any of them. This is politics, and the administration just have the right discredit their opponents. I am no Roxas supporter, but he’s just lucky his opponents have each questionable records he can rightfully discredit them. For one, I do not want a non-full-fledged Filipino to be my president, nor an accused ‘corrupt’ Veep to become my president. In the case of Duterte, the administration can always find a way to pull him down, just like any other opposition candidate.

    17. I Agree!!! BUT kindly also look at another angle, I say the POLL RATINGS and The PCOS MACHINES… I’ll emphasize further this theory:

      Regardless of what you might think or others may believe, or Lawyer Roque may presume, there’s this possibility of a more inept strategy that a few of us may consider, and definitely only a few shall grasp. This is how I look at possible things to come unnoticed, and given what they (Administration, Roxas and LP) are capable to do, I think they will do absolutely anything! – Desperate times calls for desperate measures, so here’s my theory:

      With Poe eliminated from the race, and I doubt it she’ll get vindicated at the Supreme Court, assuming that Binay buys time and not go to jail until after elections, and assuming that Duterte pushes through his candidacy and his campaign, and assuming Sen. Santiago opts out of the race in support of Duterte, take all of these scenarios, and then observe the POLL RATINGS: Considering that The LP is despicable and will do anything in their capacity to maneuve the poll ratings, try to get their annointed one to the 2nd place (its either 1st, or 2nd, but definitely not the Third), keep that ratings consistent until the day of elections, – and then do their magic on their PCOS MACHINES.. perhaps Lead the tally at a 900,000 vote margin.

      Imagine what they can do, and i believe it is possible… Hey, did I mention that thier annointed one should never hold the 3rd placer in the poll ratings? why?, Because their PCOS Machines will do the magic for them and it may be done intentionally. Provided ONLY that he stays at the 2nd placer, but most definitely not the top rank, because that’s just dellusional. Besides, there will be chaos among the people and throughout the country if someone who was placed third in the poll rankings gets to be announced winner of the 2016 presidentiable elections?

      If you believe that there wil be nobody left but their annointed one and perhaps Miriam Santiago? That will be unacceptable to the people, and LP knows that, they know better! And so, what is more logical to do is give all them (well, at this point, minus Poe) -a FIGHT!. But this will become a fight that neither of the Binays or the Dutertes will win. This might be the “Grand Design”.

      Besides, their real threat was Grace Poe, and she’s barred from the poll anyways. They can handle Binay, and Duterte is not a threat to them but should be.

      Again, just a theory.

    18. i doubt if digong duterte would allow that to happen to him. for the administration to come up with something short of what is true. he’s got the balls to fight and damn he will. I would love to see that happen. I’d love to see how far pnoy and his cohorts can tuck their tails between their legs. and then run for dear life.