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    PLUS: Ruru Madrid gets over a lifelong phobia
    After bring paired with more mature leading men, Glaiza De Castro is finally getting a younger partner for her new soap, “Contessa,” in Jak Roberto. It is their first time to work together and Glaiza has nothing but praises for her new leading man’s work ethic and dedication to his craft.

    Coming from a rom-com series with Barbie Forteza (“Meant To Be”), Jak is well aware he needs to make big adjustments with Contessa being a heavy drama. In fact, the first few taping days saw him hard at work.

    “I had to unlearn some mannerisms that I unconsciously brought from Meant To Be. Saka, just to think that I am with ‘the’ Glaiza De Castro in front of the camera, I was always asking myself if I was acting right. Alam naman natin how good Glaiza is as an actress so I really give my best to measure up to her caliber,” revealed Jak.

    As for Glaiza, she describes having Jak as leading man “both exciting and challenging” because she had no idea what he was going to bring to the table.

    “There’s always a first time and I am the type of person who gives chances and observes. That’s what I did in my first scenes with Jak. I wanted to know how he gives life to a character. Sa acting kasi, dapat nagku-complement kayo ng co-actor mo,” she explained.

    “Magkakilala kami ni Jak but we’re not close, yet I saw and felt that he wanted to reach out to me and to befriend me. We both know that we need good rapport to be effective in doing our job as actors.”

    Before they knew it, Glaiza and Jak had broken the proverbial ice and quickly became friends. Comfortable with each other, they joke around in between takes and also discuss how to attack their scenes.

    “I give Jak an A for his effort in really giving his best, a part of which is having good working relationships with his co-actors,” Glaiza added.

    Glaiza de Castro and Jak Roberto

    This new bond between Glaiza and Jak was very evident when Showbuzz joined them in Baguio City for the Panagbenga festival last weekend. They were clearly having fun together.

    “Ganyan kami, actually, not just us but also our co-stars, like Mark (Herras), Pythos (Ramirez) and Geoff and Gabby (Eigenmann) when we are off cam,” Jak volunteered.

    “But what’s nice is that everyone turns serious pag eksena na,” Glaiza added. “Kasi nga, there are lots of dramatic scenes so everyone is focused on their respective roles. In my case, medyo mahirap talaga yung role ko. Naiiyak na nga ako sa hirap and they know it. I think this is my most difficult role to date. Doble siya sa hirap ng role ko as Pirena or as a member of the LGBT community in ‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’.”

    “Yeah, we know how hard Glaiza’s scenes are,” Jak confirmed. “That’s why we give her our hundred percent support. Pag mahirap ang eksena, kaming mga lalaki, we try to help her. Whoever is doing the scene with Glaiza, nakasuporta talaga. Minsan, even if kay Glaiza lang nakatutok ang camera, we still act with her as if we’re supposed to be in the scene. That way, we make her job easier. It kind of helps that we do that for one another, making our friendships more solid.”

    * * *

    The City of Baguio will always have a special place in Ruru Madrid’s heart. He stayed in this city for more than a month when he was just starting in his acting career. For Ruru, that period was enough for him to embrace the summer capital’s culture and appreciate its people. He felt he easily blended in with the locals.

    Young and adaptable, quickly making friends with boys his age, Ruru enjoys talking about them up to now.

    “It’s just too bad that we’ve lost contact. But this place is special for me kaya when I was told that I would be a part of the Panagbenga parade, I was so excited. First time kong sumakay sa flower float,” Ruru enthused as Showbuzz talked to him over dinner at a cozy restaurant in Baguio.

    It is, of course, Ruru’s primetime series “Sherlock Jr.” that brought him to Baguio and the young actor was very excited to promote the show, whose cast includes Gabbi Garcia, Andre Paras and Ai Ai delas Alas.

    “I’m so proud of Sherlock,” Ruru exclaimed. “ The story is very solid, the actors are very good, and most of all I love the action scenes. Ever since I started acting, I’ve always wanted an action project. And now that I do a lot of it in Sherlock, I see to it that I give my all.”

    Besides the action, Ruru noted, “Maraming inu-offer ang show namin. Hindi siyempre mawawala ang pakilig scenes namin ni Gabbi. Especially now na nagtataguan kami ng totoo naming feelings because we don’t want to hurt Pido, Andre’s character, who is like a brother to me. We also have good comic scenes with Mama Ai Ai. Para kaming mag-ina talaga kung mag-usap sa mga eksena and we’re like that even in real life. We’re like mother and son.”

    One big development coming up in the story is the arrival of Sherlock Sr., Jack’s father. “I can’t wait to see the viewer’s reaction when they find out who Sherlock Sr. is. Sa start kasi ng series, sinabing Sherlock Sr. is British. Sino kaya siya? That’s something that everyone should look forward to,” Ruru said with a mysterious smile.

    Concluding our catch up, Ruru finally said that besides fulfilling his dream of doing an action project, Sherlock Jr. has helped him overcome his cynophobia or fear of dogs. Credit goes to Siri, the very loveable furry star of the show.

    “When we were starting the series, I couldn’t even go near Siri because I was so scared. My phobia began when I was bitten by a dog when I was a kid. Sa taping, konting tahol lang ni Siri, nagugulat ako. But Siri is like human, siya ang lumapit sa akin. Siya yung naglambing as if saying, don’t be scared cause I’m harmless.

    “Because Siri is a big part of the story and almost all my scenes are with her, I had to force myself to look relaxed kahit natatakot ako. But now she’s become very close to me. Man’s best friend like they say.”

    * * *

    SHORTS… Paolo Ballesteros will be very busy doing movies in the coming months. Showbuzz learned from a source that he will headline Regal Films’ Mother’s Day presentation. Eyed to be Pao’s leading lady is Solenn Heusaff. Besides the Regal movie, another film is in the drawing board for Paolo, this time with Eugene Domingo. If plans push through, the movie will be shot in Japan. Both Pao and Uge won a Best Actor and Best Actress award respectively at the prestigious Tokyo International Film Festival…

    … Martin Del Rosario is having the best of both worlds as far as acting is concerned. He is doing two projects where he plays roles that are poles apart. In “Born Beautiful,” he plays the role of Barbs, a transgender whose actions are very feminine. In the GMA afternoon prime series “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka,” he plays the role of Yasmien Kurdi’s rapist. In doing these two projects simultaneously, he admits it’s not easy to shift from one character to the other.


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