First TV show on pet-and-owner needs

The show is hosted by the Pinoy Dog Whisperer Lestre Zapanta and selfconfessed dog lover Jaime Fournier

The show is hosted by the Pinoy Dog Whisperer Lestre Zapanta and selfconfessed dog lover Jaime Fournier

In the Philippines, about 10 million households have pets ranging from the favorite cats and dogs to other species like birds, rodents and even exotic ones like reptiles and insects.

With this significant data, broadcast journalist Claire Delfin, who is now a producer, realized the need for a TV show that will cater to the needs and concerns of Filipino pet owners and lovers.

Under Claire Delfin Media production outfit, Delfin thus conceptualized her first TV production for 2015, Love U Pet.

Hosted by The Pinoy Dog Whisperer Lestre Zapanta and self-confessed dog lover Jaime Fournier, the show premiered on February 21 at GMA News TV.

On February 23, Delfin together with Zapanta and Fournier introduced Love U Pet to members of online and print media at The Farm restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

“What makes us unique is that we want to enhance the relationships of humans with their pets. That is our focus,” shared Delfin noting that many Filipinos consider their pets as properties when this should not be the case.

For his part, Zapanta related that his aim at the show was to “intervene” with Filipinos who are experiencing problems with their dogs as his segment will tackle everything about the said pet.

As the Pinoy Dog Whisperer, Zapanta credits his understanding of dogs from 15 years of observing the canine breed. He decided to pursue his passion for the furry animals even if he studied Engineering at the University of the Philippines. Zapanta told The Manila Times that he currently lives with eight dogs and five cats though he has more under his care.

“Understanding a dog is all about understanding its body language, which can show hundreds of emotions,” the dog expert related.

Meanwhile, Fournier admits that she has problems with her very own beagle. According to her, she spoiled her dog that is why she is glad for the opportunity to learn from his co-host.

In her segment, Fournier will have a segment featuring different celebrity pet owners.

“I am glad to be part of this show because our advocacy is to teach how pets and owners can co-exist as a family,” Fournier shared.

In the upcoming episodes, Delfin promised to be “diverse” in sharing stories of other pets beside cats and dogs.

Moreover, she assured that as the only local pet-oriented show today, Love U Pet will address pet issues in the society including the passing of law on pet ownership and animal cruelty, among many others.

“We want to give our viewers eye-openers because they can learn so much from their pets like love, care and compassion,” ended Delfin.

Catch Love U Pet every Saturday from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at GMA News TV.


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