First woman chancellor of MSU assumes office


SANGA-SANGA, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi: The first woman university chancellor of the Mindanao State University Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography (MSU-TCTO)– since it was established in 1969 — assumed office after the MSU Board of Regents (MSU-BOR) unanimously elected her recently.

Dr. Mary Joyce Guinto-Sali, who used to be the university secretary and secretary of the MSU-BOR as well, was elected by the MSU-BOR at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) chairman’s board room in Diliman, Quezon City.

Her term of office started last March 27 and will end on March 27, 2022, in accordance with the MSU Code of Governance.

Dr. Sali has a doctorate degree in Forest and Natural Resources Management from the State University of New York.

“Being a woman Chancellor entails a lot of work, since it will be a first in the campus. As a woman, my motherly affection and care will be given to the MSU-TCTO community. Apart from being an administrator, being a mother of the university sector is essential,” Sali told The Manila Times in a phone interview.

When asked about her plans for MSU Tawi-Tawi, she said, “It is important to sustain the development and innovation of the MSU-TCTO community and to strengthen further the gains in research and improvements in the campus.”

A student leader during her college years, Sali said she would give students access to quality, up-to-date education and include them in the policy-making processes of the university.

She added that the non-teaching employees would also be given proper representation in the university.

The MSU-TCTO’s Faculty Development Program will also be given priority in order to raise the faculty profile of MSU-TCTO in terms of PhDs and master’s degree holders, she said.

The new MSU Tawi-Tawi chancellor is married to Director Alnasul Sali, a Tausug from the province of Sulu with whom she has four children.



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  1. Misleading article title “First woman chancellor of MSU assumes office”… There were already several female chancellors before, e.g. Chancellor of MSU Maguindanao and MSU Naawan. Anyways, congrats to Dr. Joyce

    • Should have been
      “First Woman Chancellor of MSU-TCTO”!
      CONGRATS TO Dr. MJG–Sali. Good luck!