Fishermen act as sea wardens


TIWI, ALBAY: Marjun Cuya looks to the sea as a source of income but he is also a “warden of the sea” as he chooses to protect and preserve endangered marine resources in Lagunoy Gulf.

Cuya’s efforts were acknowledged by the local government of Tiwi for saving and protecting endangered marine species like sea turtles in the last five years.

His newest find is the green sea turtle measuring 72 by 67 centimeters, which he caught while fishing at Lagunoy Gulf. He turned it over to Leonila Coralde, of the office of the municipal agriculture for tagging.

The turtle (Chelonia mydas) is also known as the green turtle, black turtle, or Pacific green turtle.

Coralde told The Manila Times that at least 200 sea turtles have been rescued by fishermen in Tiwi.

“Our fishermen are our partners in keeping out seas healthy. They are the warden of the seas who protect our marine resources through relentless education,” she said.

The Philippine Geothermal Production Co. spearheads information dissemination on marine conservation (PGPC) with the municipal government of Tiwi.

As part of the education drive, the PGPC, Tiwi and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) conducted the “Run for the Sea Turtle” program as part of the Fish Conservation Week celebration.

The factors that endanger sea turtles include poaching, illegal and overfishing, development aggression on beaches and shore lands, denudation of forests, improper waste disposal, carbon emission and industrial pollution.


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