‘Fishy’ P8-B dfa contract bared


10-year project to print passports awarded sans bidding

A party-list congressman is asking the Department of Foreign Affairs to clarify reports it has entered into an P8 billion, 10-year contract for the printing of passports without passing through the bidding process as required by law.

Akbayan party-list Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez was referring to the awarding by the DFA of the contract to the APO Production Unit Inc., a government-controlled corporation under the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).

Gutierrez said he is puzzled as to why the DFA awarded the printing contract to APO considering that Philippine passports have long been produced ed at the security printing plant of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in Quezon City which is technically equipped to handle the printing of bank notes, documents and forms that need security features.

The congressman, in a statement, claimed that APO virtually admitted that it could not handle the job and will outsource the printing to United Graphic Expression (UGEC), a private commercial printer.

“DFA’s awarding of the e-passport printing contract to the APO Production Unit, as well as the latter’s outsourcing of the printing job to UGEC, were all done without the benefit of a public bidding. What is the reason for all the haste and the secrecy? Why did the DFA suddenly agree to transfer the production of the country’s passports to the APO Production Unit, a private firm that has no established track record for printing security documents?,” Gutierrez, a lawyer, argued.

“Why fix what ain’t broke? If the DFA really intends to modernize and make more secure Philippine passports, it should have considered the world’s leading producer of e-passports and e-booklets,” Gutierrez added.

The existing Philippine e-passport is machine readable, compiles biometric data and has security features that include: a hidden encoded image; an ultra-thin, holographic laminate and a tamper-proof electronic microchip.

“Are either the APO Production Unit or its subcontractor UGEC capable of providing the numerous security features in our passports? This is more than just a question of convenience, but one of national security.

The security features are there precisely to prevent our passports from being easily counterfeited and used by syndicates and terrorist organizations. We cannot put this vital task into the hands of a company with a less than solid record,” Gutierrez said.

“The DFA should make clear its intentions and fully explain the reasons behind its decision. Otherwise, it may put the integrity and reliability of Philippine passports even in grave peril,” Gutierrez said.


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  1. Abnoy knows this matter. talagang pinayayaman ni abnoy ang kanyang mga kaibigan na mga nakaupo sa gobyerno nya. Kahit pa ito ay labag sa batas.Si abnoy lang ang sumira ng Judiciary system ng ating bansa… Dapat lang niyang panagutan ang lahat ng ito. Nais yata ni abnoy bago siya bumaba sa puwesto magkaroon ng civil war sa Pilipinas…matuluyan ka na sana na masiraan ng ulo para tuloy mo sa mental hospital.

  2. This is the same also for the contract LRA contract where they say it will spped the processing of title but it take months up to six month to process a title and also the NSO look all the line in any NSO office people are frustated but you look how much the govt will get not even 15% of the amount they to the people and nobody look at it.

  3. laguatanlawZen.com on

    Why stop the blame at DFA, why not blame Abnoy under the principle of command responsibility? Does it mean that Abnoy doesn’t know anything about the stupid foolishness of his subordinate departments? Oh, come on Pnoy!! Is this another stupid Noynoying of the administration? Enough of all these corruptions in this present administration.

  4. Roldan Guerrero on

    It must be an additional campaign fund. Aquino fears so much of landing to jail. He makes every remedy to save him…legally or illegally.