• FISU declares official recognition of FESSAP

    FESSAP legal adviser lawyer Ma. Luz Arzaga-Mendoza attended the general assembly of the FISU in Kazan, Russia last year. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    FESSAP legal adviser lawyer Ma. Luz Arzaga-Mendoza attended the general assembly of the FISU in Kazan, Russia last year. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    It’s final. The Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (Fessap) is the recognized group from the Philippines by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

    The FISU decision was made by the FISU Executive Committee during the general assembly on December 8 to 9 in Trento, Italy. The FISU letter declaring Fessap as the official member was sent to Fessap Secretary-General Graham Lim.

    “We would like to inform you that the FISU Executive Committee decided to confirm the membership of the Fessap as FISU Member Association. FISU therefore officially recognizes the Fessap as the sole representative of university sports in the Philippines,” stated FISU Secretary-General/Chief Executive Officer Eric Saintrond in the letter.

    Fessap President David Ong and Philippine Swimming League (PSL) President Susan Papa expressed elation over the development.

    “In 2013, a certain group from University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) headed by Ricky Palou and Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) Secretary General Steve Hontiveros applied for membership in FISU during the World Universiade General Assembly held in Kazan, Russia,” said Papa.

    However, Papa said the application for membership by the UAAP group was vehemently objected by Fessap handling lawyer and legal adviser Ma. Luz Arzaga-Mendoza during the General Assembly.

    Arzaga-Mendoza recalled saying: “while you [FISU] were gracious and benevolent in giving us your valuable time in meeting us, we were however surprised that without due process of law, and in total disregard of all tenets of justice and fair play, you have entertained the application of another group from the Philippines, in clear violation of FISU rule prescribing a “one-member policy.”

    Arzaga-Mendoza also presented the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) endorsement to FISU. The endorsement was made by CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan.

    “The victory of Fessap on its recognition as a sole representative of the Philippines to FISU is indeed a test that justice is truly served. The attempt to corrupt mind and leadership of FISU by Fessap’s opposition in the Philippines failed on vain,” stressed Arzaga-Mendoza.

    “The oppositions were to do backdoor manipulation to overthrow Fessap membership in FISU. But such manipulation was timely prevented after legal arguments via oral and written position papers were presented. The FISU officials were convinced of the evils and inappropriate actions of the oppositions, therefore must not prevail,” Arzaga-Mendoza said.

    Ateneo’s representative to the UAAP Board Ricky Palou said: “We’re not informed yet. But if that’s that decision of FISU, we’ll respect it.”

    The Fessap owns the right to select athletes who will represent the country in the prestigious World University Games otherwise known as World Universide. The 2015 edition will be held in Gwangju, South Korea.


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    1. The POC leadership is really a trash, so with the government puppet PSC chairman Ricardo Garcia, they join together to make the Philippines a waste land, they were there to glorify their on wrong evildoier, they will never learn until they ends, worse, these two gentlemen thinks they really did help the Philippine sports, no shame at all.

    2. In the behalf of Atty. Ma. Luz S. Arzaga-Mendoza, we would like to thank you for your support. We need to be vigilant because there are unscrupulous people lording it over in the Philippine Sport who do a lot of damage to our athletes, coaches and others. They tried to grab FESSAP’S sole membership in FISU but this International body listened to the voice of reason in righteousness. Sports in the Philippines nowadays is in a state of disarray because of these people. Lets work together to expose these self-serving officials who have taught wrong values and tread wrong paths just so to maintain themselves in power. Lamentable! Lets join in our effort to bring meaningful changes in Philippine sports. – Atty. Ma. Luz S. Arzaga-Mendoza.

    3. Wilfred Arzaga on

      She got it with finality.
      Marilu Arzaga-Mendoza pursued it with intense and repeated efforts to accomplish the difficult portion of what the others were not able to do. She has that singleness of purpose towards a high and distant goal, the determination to win. Her desire for significant high standards made her to achieve her goals.
      It is an enduring and consistent concern by setting and meeting her high standards of achievement. Her needs is influenced by internal drive for action and the pressure exerted by the expectations of others and the need for achievement motivates her to succeed in competition, and to excel in activities important to her.

    4. Congratulations to FESSAP!
      Kayo ang naghirap na mag start
      Dito sa Pilipinas, tapos aagawin sa
      Inyo ng ibang tao na walang inambag na
      Kaunting tulo ng pawis! Mga Looters! Keep up the good work FESSAP! BRING GLORY TO THE PHILIPPINES!

    5. Imagine, what surprise us coming out in the newspaper that UAAP president from Adamson, a priest who issued a memo to stop the athletes students of uaap member schools not to participate in the Summer Universiade, its a call of unpatriotic even he is a priest, he got no modesty and lack of responsibility, the priest should leave the church better for him to seek other jobs. Universiade as said, is an Olympic event of the university and being part of it has many good things to learn from the athletes who join the prestigious games. Talangka mentality.

      • I agree on what you had said about the priests who were ignorant of sports, wanted to be involved even it was deceitful to their action. What is happen to our priest nowadays, lack of intellectual understanding. May be these priest who issued a memo to stop and threatened the students with suspension must be pretending to be a priest hidden behind the real identity of his personality, but action speaks louder for what he did and signed will never be forgotten.

    6. Those in power and ruling Philippines sport thinks that they could do anything they will.Atty. Mendoza proved it otherwise…Mr Palou, and company thanks for conciding graceously…..

    7. Albert Einstein once said, “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Congratulations FESSAP and Atty. Maria Luz Arzaga-Mendoza, you really did an excellent job in exposing the evil scheme of those people who wants to grab power illegally. They have no remorse nor conscience in life, the Filipino should stop this crab-mentality (trying to pull down a person who envy of his/her achievement). We go for the Filipino people like Atty Arzaga-Mendoza with much integrity in guiding our youth to greater height, building good governance and most of all, develop good moral values, attitude toward our community to become future leaders through sports.

    8. Evil minded scheme will never prevail with God’s divine blessing, FESSAP manages to gain what is due to them, recognition from FISU.

      • In behalf of PSL board members , thank you Atty. Maria Luz Arzaga – Mendoza ! May our lord God Almighty continue to give you wisdom, courage , and strenth to fight for “RIGHTEOUSNESS”!!!