‘Fitspirations’ from Anne and Derek

Derek Ramsay And Anne Curtis

Derek Ramsay And Anne Curtis

There’s no denying that multimedia celebrity Anne Curtis and top leading man-cum-professional Frisbee player Derek Ramsay are two of the most admired celebrities when it comes to health and fitness. In fact, many netizens have label them as their “fitspiration.”

But beneath their ripped exteriors, these perfectly formed human beings have their own bouts with temptations of unhealthy lifestyle, insecurities and pending fitness goals. They confessed they are actually like everyone else who aspire to stay trim and healthy as they helped launch the 10th year of Century Tuna Superbods search. The competition will be held on April 10 at the Palace Pool Club, Bonifacio Global City.

The pair of endorsers said they do feel unfit or unhealthy every now then.

“Especially after the holidays or Christmas, oh my gosh, that’s the hardest!” squealed Curtis. “But you make that commitment [to go diet and exercise again], most especially for us who are always in the public eye.”

She also wailed, “If I post a photo on Instagram and people would say, ‘Ay parang tumaba ka po Miss Anne,’ that’s the time I to put my fitness hat on and work out. Totoo yung #TheStruggleIsReal and I think that’s totally relatable to anyone unless you are born with abs.”

Ramsay, who Curtis teases as “the man born with abs” feels most unfit when he can’t compete. “It’s when I have injuries and I can’t do anything active.”

Asked what they think is the essence of being fit and sexy? “I think being comfortable in your own skin is very important. When you have ‘fitspiration,’ that will also keep you going. But just as long as you are comfortable, you don’t have to have abs to be sexy,” Curtis reliped.

Ramsay added, “It’s easier to feel fit and sexy if you do live an active lifestyle. It’s easier to feel confident when you’re fit and sexy. So live an active lifestyle, take care of your body, take care of the food that you put in your mouth, and you will feel all that.”


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