Five celebrities recount their laser lipo experience


In the Philippines, it is a well-known fact that the name of Dr. Vicki Belo is synonymous with liposuction. Her Belo Medical Group (BMG) pioneered the fat reducing and sculpting procedure this side of the world, introducing the keyhole surgery more than 24 years ago to a generation of health and beauty conscious Filipinos.

 (From left) Jennylyn Mercado, Ruffa Gutierrez, Grace Lee, Angeline Quinto and Empress Schuck are just like everyday folks, with problem areas on their body

(From left) Jennylyn Mercado, Ruffa Gutierrez, Grace Lee, Angeline Quinto and Empress Schuck are just like everyday folks, with problem areas on their body

Since 1990, Dr. Belo has done more than 15,000 successful liposuctions with continuous training on the series of developments, which the popular elective procedure has undergone over the years.

Today, BMG uses the technological advancement called “Laser Lipo,” which has become the go-to procedure of a great number of Filipinos who want an immediate solution to stubborn and unwanted flabs all over the body.

In celebration of BMG’s 24th anniversary, the internationally accredited clinic has gathered five famous celebrities to undergo Laser Lipo and once and for all address their own problem areas. And with Dr. Belo’s hard earned reputation in this medical field, what was once considered taboo to discuss cosmetic procedures is no longer the case, allowing everyday individuals interested in the same recourse to find out as much as they can about it.

The stars have come out to tell their Laser Lipo stories.
Ruffa Gutierrez, Grace Lee, Jennylyn Mercado, Angeline Quinto and Empress Schuck have all proudly announced that they sought the help of Dr. Belo to shape their flabby, shapeless and bulky arms. These beautiful women know that they owe it to their audience to look their best.

After being advised to undergo the Laser Lipo Arms procedure, Ruffa, Grace, Jennylyn, Angeline and Empress are joyful over their flattering and fabulous sculpted arms. They were told that the secret to looking slimmer instantly is to first address the arms.

These celebrities’ procedures were all done within two hours.

“Done by the best and internationally accredited clinic, what’s there to hesitate about?” said Ruffa.

”Dr. Belo has been doing Lipo for almost 25 years. And when it comes to Lipo, I think everybody trusts Belo,” Grace agreed.

Jennylyn offered more details into her experience and told The Manila Times, “I just napped and didn’t feel anything and after the procedure it just felt like a post-workout muscle pain. Then I got back to work after three days!”

“It’s worth it! It’s worth the money and the time spent compared to other slimming options I did in the past,” was singer Angeline’s remark.

Empress, the youngest in the brood of Belo celebrity-patients swears by the effect of Laser Lipo Thighs, which saved her from endless and ineffective exercise routines. Finally, her shapely thighs match the rest of her slim body, and she is ecstatic.

“Laser Lipo is not something to be ashamed of. Like other slimming options, it is also a way to remove fat, but it’s more precise and the result is instant. I should’ve done it from the very start,” she declared.

Laser Lipo by Belo is an out-patient and a minimally invasive procedure. The laser melts the fat so it can easily be suctioned out of the body. The anesthesia helps make the procedure comfortable so patients hardly feel anything from the procedure.


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