Five facts about bioaerosols


The coined term “#HANGINfection”—from the combination of hangin (air) and infection—is not merely a hype. These tiny and invisible germs in the air are real and they are just hanging around.

But while humans can’t see them with their naked eyes, they can definitely ward these germs off to prevent potential diseases.

The more humans know about #HANGINfection, the more they can protect themselves. This is most especially true for parents whose young children are more prone to infection.

With the help of germ protection soap brand Safeguard, The Manila Times today shares five facts about this phenomenon.

Bioaerosol contains viruses, bacteria and fungi which can be transmitted through air

1. The scientific name of #HANGINfection is bioaerosols. Science calls it bioaerosols. Bioaerosols contain living organisms and/or are released by living organisms.

2. These organisms can travel from one place to another. Wind transports infection from one place to another. When it blows, airborne germs can enter homes through the tiny open spaces in door or window and they can stay airborne for long periods of time. It can even survive for days or up to a week.

3. #HANGINfection contains viruses, bacteria, and fungi. These living organisms can include bacteria such as Legionella, Staphylococcus, Leptospira, Bacillus; viruses such as influenza and rhinovirus; and fungi such as Aspergillus and Histoplasmsa. In simple terms, #HANGINfection equals germs in the air.

4. These organisms come from different sources—even from humans. Humans may not see them with the naked eye, but these organisms are everywhere. Since it also comes from living organisms, these tiny airborne particles are most prevalent in areas with many people and animals, including damp locations. Their sources are so ubiquitous that they can come from soil, organic debris, humidifiers, industrial pollution, farming and even humans.

Without proper protection, bioaerosols can cause skin infection and other diseases

This is the same reason why people are taught to cover their mouths when coughing and sneezing. Each time they fail to do it, germs can travel in the air through droplets.

5. Without proper protection, these organisms can cause skin infection and other diseases. Just like ordinary germs, #HANGINfection can irritate the skin, which could lead to skin infections. It can also be the culprit for respiratory diseases as well as gastrointestinal infections and other illnesses.

One of the most effective way to ward off the negative effects of #HANGINfection is proper hand washing.

To promote this endeavor, Alden Richards, one of the country’s top actors today, lent his star power to release a music video “I Wash It That Way,” which aims to spread awareness about airborne germs.


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