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Fujifilm celebrates fifth anniversary with five new products
Fujifilm’s mirrorless revolution continues this 2016 as it celebrated the fifth anniversary of its X-Series line with a grand gathering at its homebase in Tokyo, Japan in January.

There, attendees from all over the globe—Filipino executives and photographers included—awaited the unveiling of the imaging company’s five new products in lieu of the five successful years.

These are three mirrorless cameras, the X-Pro2, X70 and X-E2s, a telephoto lens, and a mount flash, which is still in development.

Fresh from their global introduction, the five X-Series products were immediately launched in these shores as a way for Fujifilm Philippines to mark the important milestone.

On top of the list is the much-awaited X-Pro2, now the flagship camera, which according to Fujifilm Philippines’ division head Takuya Maeda, packs the brand’s “80 years of history and technology.”

Fujifilm opened in 1934 in Japan as one of the first providers of imaging and printing services with specialization in film.

Simply put, the X-Pro2 carries Fujifilm’s iconic features derived from the film days, as well as its own innovations in the digital camera era.

Topping the long list of the model’s new capabilities is the world’s only Hybrid Multi Viewfinder. As its name suggests, it uses both electronic viewfinders (EVF) present in mirrorless cameras and optical viewfinders preferred by documentary, reportage and street photographers because of its natural view. By harnessing both, a photographer can automatically switch viewfinder magnification according to the lens as the view of the electronic rangefinder is displayed on top of the optical one.

Other features are simply significant for they are what actually make the X-Pro2 run. Take for example its sensor, the Fujifilm’s newly-developed 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III. Now at third generation, the sensor engine is now at 24 megapixels but creates a perceived resolution far greater than the actual number of pixels used. The high-performance X Processor Pro is also makes the model four times faster than its predecessor, the X-Pro1.

Fujinon XF100-400mm F4.5-5.0 lens

Fujinon XF100-400mm F4.5-5.0 lens

Not to be forgotten is the camera’s design aesthetic, vintage yet tough as it is dust-proof, splash-proof and capable of operating in temperatures as low as 10-degree Celsius thanks to its magnesium alloy body.

Indeed, X-Pro2 is crème de la crème, making it the perfect investment camera for professional lensmen who want to shift from DSLR to mirrorless, or current X-photographers who think it’s time to upgrade.

Fujifilm is also proud of its X70, which is the initial offer of a new line for compact cameras. A pocketsize gadget with only 340 grams of weight, it is meant to be brought everywhere.

Making it more interesting is its touchscreen display—another first for the company—that can rotate 180 degrees enabling users to shoot from various angles, and of course, the selfie.

The camera also comes with a wide Fujinon18.5mm and F2.8 aperture lens which is best for shotting landscapes, seascapes and sunsets—truly meant for travels.

Last of the new mirrorless cameras is the X-E2S featuring a real-time electronic viewfinder with the shortest display time lag of 0.005 seconds. It is also equipped with an AF system that excels at capturing subjects in motion.

As the evolved version of the X-E2, the model packs new features including an improved grip, an electronic shutter, and a more intuitive user experience.

Besides the latest cameras, Fujifilm also unveiled two accessories for a better X-series line. First is the Fujinon XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6 lens. Expanding the brand’s range with a telephoto option, it covers a 35mm focal length equivalent of 152 to 609mm when zoomed.

The second is the EF-X500, a new high-end and external flash to be made available in May.

In parting, Fujifilm Philippines Marketing leader Maan dela Cruz encouraged professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike to pre-order the new X-series models before their official launch at the upcoming Photoworld Manila from January 28 to February 2 at the Glorietta, Makati City.


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