• Five killed in jihadist attack in Mali


    BAMAKO: A Tuareg-led group in Mali said five of its fighters were killed Saturday in an attack blamed on jihadists, a week after a national peace summit called for talks with militants in the country’s north. “Our base in Gargando was attacked early Saturday by Islamist terrorists,” Oumar Ag Keling, a member of the Tuareg-led Congress for Justice in Azawad, said. Gargando is a small town about 170 kilometers west of the historic city of Timbuktu. “They killed four of our fighters, as well as the village chief,” Keling said, adding that the jihadist rebels were “of many nationalities, according to the documents found at the scene.” A Malian military official confirmed the deaths, saying that “it was terrorists from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb who were responsible for the attack, because the CJA was becoming a powerful force in the region.”



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