Five Love Poems


When Rains Subside
No one could understand
the smell of a volcano’s breath
on a desert isle’s chest—until
a rose bloomed where a cactus
once stood. The wet salt air
has no use in life or so
we thought until we realized
it came from the sea.
Sometimes we fail to see
hope in the horizon—all
are dark clouds impending
a storm. And then when rains
subside the grass grew greener
a crack on earth reveals
a scent of flowers. You.

* * *

The Only Truth I Know is You
We are deafened by scattered
dirges, rattling down city
streets. The hubbub of concrete
owls that watch over us like
broken clocks. Cobblestones
that whisper a history of pain.
Yet dancing limericks exude
out of windows left open
and eyes of sunsets look out
from those tiny spaces
between bricks and stones.
Vagrant light somehow
survives—and life stays
alive like a Bee Gees song
or purple swans gliding
and jumping like dolphins
on blue lagoons because
there is you, my love–
the only warmth that
remains off a cold crevice
of redundant winters.
The only truth I ever knew.
The only summer in my heart.

* * *

I Wondered
And I wondered what insistence
could recover my lost, long stride
along burning columns of mire
the endless mischief of leisure
what serenade on this cold
early spring could recall the smile
that drips off a moon’s lips
sweet as the first spray of dawn
that wakes up a moist, sleeping
earth. And then I found you.
So I stopped wondering.

* * *

Full Moon, Black Sky
Full moon, black sky.
Stars protrude from
its chest like olives
ripe enough for fire’s
tongue to catch
and feast on. There
is a flicker of light in
the dusk guarded
by wolves, between
cracks of moist earth.
I want to catch that
glow with my mouth
and keep it in me–
growing like my love
for you on insistent
eager birthing.

* * *

Kiss Like Fire
What does your tongue say
thirsting and insistent.
A taste of the delicacy
of fires. A scent of lotus
in a creek covered with
moss. Wild. Yet gentle
in its yielding. Like eager
rain penetrating earth.
It is conquest at the same
time surrender. Love.


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