• Five memorable dad roles of showbiz legends


    As Father’s Day rolls around on Sunday, here’s a bit of trivia on five of the most iconic dad roles, which showbiz legends have portrayed on the big screen. All real-life dads themselves, each one—though surely different in parenting style from the other— engagingly portray how fathers show their love for their children.

    “The Kengkoy Dad,” portrayed by Dolphy in “Home Along Da Riles The Movie.” Like Mang Kevin Cosme in this iconic series-turned-movie, this Pinoy dad keeps his family at ease by keeping his sense of humor even in times of hardships. When a suitor attempts to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, his response is: “Hihingiin ang kamay ng anak ko? Bakit?! Ooperahan ba yun? Puputulin?”

    “The Astig Dad,” portrayed by Fernando Poe, Jr., in “Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko.” Otherwise known as the scary, intimidating dad who’s super protective, very street smart, and tough. In the movie co-starring Judy Ann Santos, the legendary FPJ as Badong portrays this type of dad perfectly. He comes to the rescue every time his daughter needs him, even if it’s to beat up a bunch of bullies by himself, because that’s how he shows his love.

    “The Torpe Dad,” portrayed by Dolphy in “Daddy-o, Baby-o.” Many Pinoy men are torpe not just when it comes to love. Dolphy again makes the list as he plays Mario, who adopts a strong-willed child, forming a strong bond with her and successfully matching her problem-child tendencies with affection. However, when it comes to dealing with women and people out of his comfort zone, Mario (like most torpe dads) would prefer remaining in the background shyly.

    “The Strict Dad,” portrayed by Joseph Estrada in “Ang Tanging Pamilya.” This kind of dad is all too familiar for many Pinoys today. Joseph Estrada makes the list again as he plays the father of Toni Gonzaga, who is to be married to her online LDR boyfriend. This kind of dad is usually the traditional type who will never give up his daughter to a stranger—much less someone she met online. Strict dads usually take a lot of convincing, wooing, and patience before they let their beliefs change because they believe the old-school methods of parenting are best.

    “The Malambing Dad” portrayed by Tirso Cruz 3rd in “Bekikang.” Tirso Cruz III portrays the more modern Pinoy dad who supports his kids with whatever they decide—even if means his son is gay. Tirso Cruz plays the dad of Beki, a man who has known that he’s gay since childhood. He has no problem showing his soft side, and is supportive but protective of Beki, even making sure that his child can defend himself against the inevitable bullies.

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