Five things you should know about AMD


filler20130617AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices, a multinational semiconductor company known for developing high-quality computer chips, continues to break records and set standards in today’s IT market. Placing great importance in the South East Asian Region, AMD continues to deliver commercial and consumer solutions in the Philippines.

The world’s fastest and most advanced graphics cards are developed and manufactured by AMD. The Radeon line of video chipsets takes pride in running graphics-intensive programs fluidly. Movie special effects are also made easier and faster through the use of the company’s graphics chips, netting the movies billions in revenue.

AMD CPUs power the world’s fastest supercomputer. The Titan is currently in the top spot with a performance clocked 17.59 petaflops. Aside from the Titan, AMD CPUs power 24 of the world’s top computers.

AMD chips are favorites among overclock enthusiasts around the world. Overclocking is the process of forcing the hardware to exceed its limits, challenging the durability and the quality of the design. The current champion in the overclocking scene is AMD’s FX octo-core processor that reached speeds of 8.249 Ghz.

The Sony Playstation 4, together with Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will be powered by AMD chips. The already released Wii U also uses AMD hardware, proving that AMD is relied on when it comes to providing true gaming experience, even in home consoles. Aside from being a part in developing next-generation consoles, AMD chips also power 500,000 enterprise servers.

The company also takes pride in making innovations, one of which is in the form of the SurRound House. It provides a 360-degree positional sound, providing an immersive entertainment experience. This audio technology garnered the company a place in Rolling Stone’s CES 2013.

More than 500,000 programs and applications are accelerated through AMD’s APU technology. APU or Accelerated Processing Unit combines the GPU and the CPU in a single chip. This type of architecture increases performance and reduces power consumption. AMD uses Radeon as its GPU, enabling it to perform effectively even in graphics applications. AMD chips are widely available in the market and are currently offered at a competitive price.


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