‘Flawless fairies’ Jasmine and Maxene

Jasmine Curtis for Flawless

Jasmine Curtis for Flawless

TV5 rising star and GMA Network’s top character actress Maxene Magalona leads a pack of fellow celebrities to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Flawless aesthetic clinic this December.

“I guess I speak for everyone when I say that one of the main reasons why we love Flawless is because of its medical approach to beauty,” shared Jasmine at the clinic’s birthday luncheon last week. “Unlike with other skincare centers that I’ve been to Flawless has medical doctors in all its clinics and I love the fact that they can all explain how the treatments and products work to improve your skin.”

“And this is something that we—Flawless, Jasmine, myself and other celebrities who endorse the brand—want to share with everyone, the gift of medical-based beauty solutions,” added Maxene Magalona who is the face for ISkin New York, a premium skin transformation program exclusively offered by the clinic.

A favorite venue for beauty treats especially among showbiz celebrities, Flawless is a brand that has built a reputation as the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services.

The clinic’s celebration of its 12th year is celebrating its anniversary with a month-long celebration dubbed “National Flawless Month.” The celebration is highlighted not by one, not by two, but by four promos that will run alongside each other.

Maxene Magalona for iSkin New York

Maxene Magalona for iSkin New York

“For their 12th anniversary, Flawless wants to play the role of fairy godmother to all beauty treatment fans out there,” said Maxene. “We know that everyone wants to have a fairy tale like Cinderella’s, and Flawless is giving this to them with offerings that will allow them to stay flawless for the rest of 2014. And unlike Cinderella whose fairy tale ends at 12 midnight, Flawless’ clients’ will begin at the same time of the 12th month of the year, and will last for the entire 12 months of next year!”

And so, until December 31, the clinic is holding the “8 + 4,” as well as it top-to-toe makeovers for anyone who can refer 12 new clients or finish its National Flawless Month stamp card by acquiring 12 stamps.

“We’re encouraging everyone to take advantage of this great opportunity to save on your beauty treatments for next year. Check out Flawless’ website to know more about the promos they are running for the whole month of December,” ended Jasmine.


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