Fleecing OFWs



A former OFW told News 5 last week of the various money making businesses of our embassy and labor officials, which exacts a heavy toll on overseas Filipino workers .

Imagine a simple certified true copy of a marriage contract that only costs P150 at the National Statistics Office (NSO), is sold for one thousand five hundred riyals or P15,000 to OFWs in the Middle East.

According to Luis Mercado, who served as a mechanic in Jedah, Saudi Arabia for 14 years, the marriage contract is a necessity in that part of the world not only for married couple but for single man and woman.

”It is illegal in Saudi to be walking with the opposite sex if you are not married. So the marriage contract or certificate serves as your license to go on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend without going to jail,”explains Mercado.

That’s why marriage contracts sell like hotcakes in Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia..

These marriage certificates for sale are fake since they are not authenticated by the NSO. Also, embassy or consulate personnel do not issue official receipt for a marriage certificate requests.

Aside from the marriage contract racket, certain embassy and consulate personnel make oodles of money from OFW families going back home.

According to a complaint from an OFW in Saudi Arabia, every child to be brought back to the Philippines by their parents are being charged five hundred riyals or P5000.

They have no idea what the said expense is for since it is not stipulated in the requirements when a family brings their children back home.

Another thing that puzzle these parents is the fact that they have to pay embassy employees at the airport or shortly before boarding their flight. No receipt is also issued for the payment.

This illegal money making business and the “sex-for-flight” scheme by several unscrupulous officials in the embassies, consulates, and labor offices abroad MUST END NOW!!!

They serve as a great burden to OFWs.

* * *

QC gambling capital of Metro Manila
One wonders why illegal gambling has mushroomed in Quezon City despite the strict “one strike policy” being implemented by the national police hierarchy?

Aside from the video karera or the horse racing video game, jueteng or the illegal numbers game has proliferated in Quezon City.

A certain Jong Lakay is said to operate this illegal numbers game in almost all the barangays in the city.

Worse, this Mr. Lakay has been bragging that he is close to Quezon City Police Chief Rowland Albano that arresting him or shutting down his illegal business would be impossible.

I guess, the only way to prove Jong Lakay ‘s braggadocio wrong is to shut down his operations and possibly arrest him.

It behooves Col. Albano to put Lakay out of business to send a strong message that he is against illegal gambling in his turf.

* * *

Kudos to Purisima and Espina
Some 65,000 policemen will finally have brand new firearms, which is a necessity for law enforcers.

Thanks to the initiative of PNP Chief Allan Purisima that most if not all of his men now have side arms to defend and protect the citizens from criminal elements.

This was one of the promises of Purisima when he assumed as the country’s top cop last year to equip his men with the right and enuogh tools in the performance of their duties.

Likewise, unkown to most of us, Metro Manila police chief Dep. Dir. Gen. Leonardo Espina has continously cleaning the ranks of policemen from the rogue ones.

In the latest report, Espina has firedfrom the service more than 50 cops already and over a hundred are facing suspension or are undergoing investigation for various offenses.

Keep it up Generals Purisima and Espina!!!



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  1. It is now clearly understood that it will be futile to expect a decent and honest government officials serving under the PCOS and Digitally-Produced administration.