Flooding & DPWH: Hopeless under PNoy?


Any person consumed by hate, and vindictiveness will never be able to see straight.. simple as that..

Buti sana kung yung mga yellowista lang ang nababaha…pati kami ay nadadamay sa katangahan ng presidente ninyo…

Buti na lang malapit nang matapos termino…hehe, dahil sa pork barrel, baka mapaaga pa…salamat po, Diyos…

Ramon, ngramonc8@yahoo.com


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  1. Poor Urban Planning from the past presidents is the cause of the floods. Had it been they did not used the informal settlers for their own interest in politics di sana maayos at maganda ang pilipinas.

  2. Why blame the President. The main reason why we have all these floods in Laguna and SLEX are due to massive housing projects which were designed poorly without consideration on the effect of run off water from higher ground toward low lying areas. This is mainly due to DILG’s various local govt which are independent from each other.Every LGU can make its own law.