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    The wise F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing.”

    This is the quote that was repeatedly ringing in my ear as Flordeliza Capati, best known as Flory to friends and family, shared her story of embarking on a dream at 54 years old.

    Having met her through her daughter-in-law Kale, Flory’s story of fulfilling a childhood passion is an inspiring one that I just had to pursue it as a story. You see, most of us who are younger than her, have avoided making our dreams a reality out of the fear of failure but here was Flory going after it with all her heart.

    Flory who has been in the corporate world for years is looking forward to retiring soon after 33 years of service in the corporate sector, “I am turning 54 soon and was asking myself, what do I do after leaving the corporate world?”

    From a loyal corporate worker,the 54-year-old became a dressmaker—a career she wanted since she was a child.

    Without a clue, she decided to pursue her passion of dressmaking, a passion she had ever since she was a child, “One day, I just found myself working on patterns for women’s dresses on a wide and long table, happily listening to the hum of the sewing machine.”

    This was the pivotal moment which fueled her desire to begin dressmaking, “I listened to this tiny voice inside of me to pursue my long time dream of creating beautiful dresses. My fascination started when I would accompany my mom from the time she cut cloths that she would later on turn into beautiful dresses.”

    Her passion was fueled by her mother’s and most of the stuff she learned was by being her mother’s assistant where she started by creating beddings, putting buttons on clothes, and even designing for clients.

    It was in elementary when she gained interest in fashion design. However, she put her dreams on hold to pursue other endeavors successfully in the corporate world while raising a family of her own.

    Her dream came true however in March of 2017 when she launched Lucia Flor Bridal Boutique in honor of her mother, “The shop is the fulfillment of creating beautiful pieces for our Lucia Flor Brides while at the same time also creating opportunities to provide work for the people who have collaborated with me to create wedding gowns and bridal shoes that complete a bride’s total look.”

    For Flory, this is what makes her business even more fulfilling, “I am glad that in achieving my own dreams, my passion project became an avenue for other people to pursue theirs.”

    She goes on to say that she hires non-working mothers to do the beading of the gowns and she personally trains them herself when it comes to how to follow designs, what materials to use, and the value of delivering high quality products.

    She is inspired by their stories as well, “They have shared with me that their earnings from doing the beading helps them to support the studies of their own kids and that alone is fulfilling enough.”

    She also adds, “I get help from retired dressmakers too. I encourage them to give it a try again and they get inspired when they see the end product of their creations. They feel the value of what they are doing.”

    When asked about her advice on those who wish to make their dreams happen, she replied with a smile, “Remember that age is just a number. Keep on dreaming, be passionate on your craft and most of all, be a blessing to other people.”

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