• FM : A Leader of Myriad Destinies


    FEM was a leader of destiny:
    With copious wisdom and fecund ingenuity
    He fashioned and ushered in a New Society
    Accented with vision and achievements salutary
    Inspiring the best and the brightest;
    With firm and unfaltering hand he led
    To win accolade and adulation.

    FEM was marked by destiny
    Like heroes of old, to rise and fall,
    To shed a tear for every defeat or victory!
    Crucified like a criminal in the sunset of life,
    Pilloried with crosses by foes and false friends alike
    Abandoned and persecuted by amnesiac allies;
    Denied decent burial years after death.

    Yet in onescore of reign
    He changed the nation’s face
    Roads, bridges, buildings, and infrastructure luxuriate
    Which even the vengeful cannot efface,
    Nor conceal the flourishing of the arts,
    Nor bury the flowering of the law,
    With self-reliance he addressed economic, financial and social needs
    And with resiliency to weather all storms.

    FEM’s lasting legacies abound
    That no decent man can deny;
    Only history can judge him
    With cold neutrality without severity.
    His good deeds far outweigh his perceived misdeeds;
    A leader that a nation needs to lead and inspire.

    With the healing hands of time
    Ferdinand E. Marcos shall be vindicated
    By a grateful and enlightened nation
    In time FEM will be understood:
    A great man unjustly judged
    At the wrong time by wicked minds.

    And only then will the wrong be right!

    *Also referred to as FEM in the text, for Ferdinand E. Marcos


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