FM’s legacy will help VP bid – Bongbong

 Marcos Jr.

Marcos Jr.

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., son and namesake of the late president, on Wednesday said his father’s legacy would help rather than hamper his own bid for the vice presidency.

He said his surname was the “greatest blessing,” his first public comments since announcing on Monday that he would run as an independent next year.

His father, or FM, was accused of massive human rights abuses during his two decades in power that were ended by a famous 1986 military-backed “people power” revolution.

But the Marcos patriarch’s son said voters would not be swayed by allegations against his father.

“If you talk to people, they are not concerned about that,” he told reporters.

Filipinos are more worried about poverty, crime and lack of basic infrastructure, which had made commuting in the capital a daily misery for millions, Marcos said.

A “lack of leadership” under President Benigno Aquino 3rd, whose parents led the opposition against the elder Marcos, had exacerbated these woes, he added.

“This is what people are worried about and this is what I will address,” the 58-year-old senator said.

“What happened in 1986 happened already. These things have already been decided.”
The Marcos family was forced into exile in Hawaii in 1986 and its patriarch died there in 1989.

The government accuses the family of stealing $10 billion from public coffers, while activists have recorded at least 882 people who went missing during the period of martial law declared by the then-strongman president.

Aquino in 2013 signed a landmark law compensating thousands of human rights victims of the Marcos regime, many of whom were tortured, raped or detained by Marcos’ security forces.

“We may not bring back the time stolen from martial law victims, but we can assure them of the state’s recognition of their sufferings,” he said at the time.

Before being elected to the Senate in 2010, Marcos’ son served as congressman and governor of his father’s home province of Ilocos Norte.

He said his surname had only bolstered his political comeback.

“I am the luckiest person that I know and being a Marcos is part of that… I have never felt it to be a burden. I have only felt it to be an advantage,” Marcos added.

The most recent poll from one of the country’s major research firms showed Marcos running third in the vice presidential race, with 13 percent saying they would vote for him.

His bid for office is widely seen as a stepping stone to an eventual presidential bid, and rights groups have pledged ferocious campaigns against him.

“I truly believe that I was put in this earth to be a public servant,” Marcos said when asked why he wanted stay in politics and run for a higher position.

Speaking during the weekly Pandesalan news forum in Quezon City (Metro Manila), he admitted that being a public servant was not among his options when he was young, and, in fact, he had been avoiding politics.

“But life brought me back to the life of politics. That’s why here I am,” Marcos said.

According to him, he could just stay as a private individual, put up a business and attend to the needs of his family–which are easier–than to be in politics.

“But we were taught that we are here to serve and that has always been our understanding, that is my continuing motivation,” he said.

“I might be naïve, but maybe it is time to return to that kind of very fundamental understanding why we are in politics,” Marcos said.

He explained that he ran for public office not because he wants to do better for himself, saying he can do it even if he is not a politician.

“I feel that when confronted by some issues, I have the capability and the knowhow to address those problems and bring them to a resolution,” Marcos said.

Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile believes that Marcos has a distinct advantage over his rivals in the vice presidency and that is his being an Ilocano.

Enrile said Ilocanos are known to vote for a candidate who is also an Ilocano, just like the Bicolanos who will also go for candidates who are from their region.

“You cannot control them [Ilocanos] in that situation. If an Ilocano is a candidate for a public office, they will all support an Ilocano. That’s the culture,” Enrile said in an interview.

According to him, there are about five million Ilocanos scattered all over the country who are likely to vote for Marcos next year.


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  1. David M Meyer on

    no marcos has ever been to Jail —Well if you “Skip the country” Manage to cleverly dodge all the wrongdoings –Get rid of any one who can discredit you ,,Then even when It is shown that you have managed to launder huge amounts of public monies ..When you can do all this you and your family should be rewarded …What kind of logic is this?

    I remain
    David M Meyer


    We will definitely go out for MARCOS. It is just a way of repaying the good things
    his father has done for this country. I long for the day that the Philippines was
    far far better before 1986 when the Philippine was more peacefull, a lot more
    infrastructures built than any other president after Marcos Sr. We have to brace
    up ourselves with facts before we pass judgement to others. We have to know
    the real facts not the demonizing and fabricated facts. We have to realize that
    the Marcoses have undergone all kinds of allegations, cases one after the other
    have been hauled against them in court but to this day NO MARCOS HAS EVER
    BEEN TO JAIL. So, these allegations of corruptions were only a product of
    these demonizing yellows. Hence, when you go to vote, just bear in mind and think

  3. eltee mulawin on

    >>> BBM could not be a candidate for President. Why ?
    If no one knows, let them know it. That Mar Roxas and BBM are family related to each. Mar Roxas family is related to Araneta-Zobel family. And BBM wife belong to Araneta family. That’s it and no other things. RESPECT TO FAMILY !!!!

  4. The thing that many people seem to forget is that when President Marcos Sr. became President, we were no. 2 in Asia next only to Japan. When he was exiled in 1986, we were third or second from the bottom. If Bongbong Marcos can redeem his father’s name, we will be able to forget the past. I am willing to give him a chance to do that.

  5. Ilongo ako pero ang pamilya namin boboto sa kay Marcos. Naaalala mo ba kung sino VP ni Marcos dati? Yong taga Iloilo na si Eugenio Lopez. After na declare ang martial law goodbye na lang kay Lopez at ang daming ariarian ng mga Lopez ang nawala dahil kay Marcos. Tama na ang pagnanakaw ng 22 years. Big No to Marcos. Ikaw lang ang Ilongo na boboto sa kanya

  6. I’ll support Bongbong in his VP run . It’s a different generation and what’s past is past. The country is so slow & inefficient that we need a young, smart, common sense, articulate to return an Ilocano back to the VP. He’s no greedy like Poe who thinks she could win because of FPJ but she’s not really a Poe! Besides she’s not a Filipina! Go Bongbong Go!

  7. Whether we like it or not, there’s such thing as ‘solid north’ and that’s to BBM alone; the Bicolano votes will be divided and it’s even a lot less than the Ilocano votes. BBM is the most qualified among the candidates for Veep having been a Vice-Governor, Governor, Congressman and a Senator. (He even tops the presidential candidates). Performancewise, his records will show. Needless to state, he has the ‘name recognition’. Mrs. Robredo has a derivative popularity and limited at that; Escudero is a flip-flop and will be trounced by Robredo in the Bicol region; and, the others are ‘lightweights’, as far as the position they aspire for is concerned.BBM has a strong family and political ties in the Visayas and he has the backing of strongman Duterete in Mindanao and those smaller groups he gave importance in connection with his handling of the BBL.

    Marcos is a political leader whose ‘time has come’. Veep BBM 2016.

  8. Ronaldo Valdes on

    Bongbong could be a good leader just like his father FM.. but there’s goes Imelda the Queen of the marcoses . You Know the Story?????

  9. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Yout family might have been accused of stealing $10B. Assuming that this is true, when you compare the amount of money that Binay stole from the people’s money, Binay stole more than $10B. So to avoid being stolen again billions of dollars or pesos, let us not sell our votes for a P500, a sardine, a liter of rice and a Jollibee lunch from the Binays. The amount of these would not even total P1000 compared to what Binay will steal from the government in the billions of dollars or pesos plus Binay’s commission of 30% from China to sell the islands of Spratley. The future f our children is at stake here. Don be fooled by Binay. Let us continue praying to or dear Lord to save the Philppines from the family of crocodiles-Binay.

  10. on

    Big YES for DUTERTE-MARCOS tandem- a winning team. there is NO previous comment. this is my first.


    In politics, it is just a matter of selecting the better of two or more evils. Select the
    better of the evils. And, abosolutely Marcos and Marcos alone is by far the best of

  12. I am was in my elementary days when Martial was declared in September 21, 1972 and it was a wise decision of Ex President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. to declare this Martial Law. Everything is very peaceful at salamat maraming namamatay na magnanakaw, mga criminals at iba pang masasamang tao at dapat lang sa kanila na patayin kasi pag binuhay mo pa, marami pa silang bibiktimahin. Diyan magaling ang Human Rights. Pag criminal ang napapatay, may human rights pag mabait na mamayan, walang human rights. Kaya, Go!Go!Go! Senator BB Marcos for Vice President 2016……….Maraming Ilonggo ang boboto sa iyo.