Focus on employee health urged


An emphasis on the wellness and health of employees is key to improving business operations and to ensure business continuity, Generika President Ted Ferrer said.

During the Asia SME Summit held at the Manila Marriott Hotel on Wednesday, the pharmaceutical company president highlighted the importance of making health a priority, as poor health conditions hinder employees from performing well.

Ferrer pointed out that health is often taken for granted, in spite of the rise of global health problems such as obesity, hypertension, cardiac problems, and diabetes, among others. He noted that these health concerns are often the result of people being overwhelmed by stress, traffic, pollution, and too much use of cellphones, internet, and emails.

“We have to pay a lot more attention to health–our health, the health of our employees, and the health of the community because if somebody gets very sick or dies, everything changes,” Ferrer said

Ferrer stressed that businessmen running their own companies must do what it takes to stay healthy, as their entire business depends on them, and illness can take a toll on the bottom line.

“So that’s what we’re putting emphasis on now, for our company and also for our customers. It is not something you can ignore, because it may happen to you,” he added.

Furthermore, Ferrer also emphasized the importance of creating a business succession plan. He noted that the absence of a plan could lead to the serious disruption of the business, if key persons are suddenly incapacitated, die or resign.

“If you are not prepared for that, everything can go down the drain,” Ferrer said.

The Generika president noted that companies should assign understudies for key positions, to make sure that someone will take over the position left by a key person. The company should also provide training for the assigned understudies to be able to develop them for new and higher responsibilities.

Generika is a pharmaceutical chain that was established in 2003. The firm promotes the use of generic drugs to address the need for affordable and quality medicines in the country. In 2015, conglomerate Ayala Corp. acquired a 50-percent stake of the company.


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