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Your assumption that the Philippine President is co-equal with the Chief Justice and the Senate President is the greatest mistake we ever thought.

This thinking is the greatest sin for all us as Filipinos. The Philippine President is the Head of our Nation, He represent the country in international affairs and personifies our country. To prove that the Philippine President is over and above the two are; who appoints the Chief Chief Justice and who approves the laws developed by the Senate and Congress, is it not the President? Who converts the Yearly budget into law as developed by the Legislative. And most importantly, who provides them the Budget for their Operations? I agree that the three branches of form of Philippine Government are co-equal, but it should be the Chief Justice from the Supreme Court, the Senate President or the Speaker from the Legislative and the Executive Secretary for the Executive Branch of the Government. Look at other form of government in countries like. Their President is not co-equal with other Heads of their branches of government. Minamaliit natin Presidente natin.

Ace Ladi


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