• Foilacar in Full Throttle


    For its season finale, History Channel’s Full Throttle, a motoring show hosted by celebrities Sam YG and Rhian Ramos, will feature the country’s innovator of exterior paint protection – Foilacar Industries.

    Full Throttle will do a comprehensive feature on Foilacar’s foil wrap technology. “We collaborated with them to do a story type feature which will highlight the company’s capabilities to protect the exterior and how our technology can completely makeover a car, a yacht and a private jet and even the interior of your house in a matter of days,” said Lester Codog, president of Foilacar Industries.

    This spectacular feature will start with a drive of three exotic cars and super bikes wrapped by Foilacar, an air travel by way of a chopper and a tour of a foil wrapped mega-yacht owned by an industrialist who fancies the good life.

    The season finale of Full Throttle airs on October 31 and November 5.


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